It's Angel Message Time

I kept feeling it’s time for angel messages or answers. So if you have a question you want your angel to answer use your intuition and select a face down angel card. Left, middle or right. If you don’t know what to ask just ask your angels, “Do you have a message for me?” You don’t have to only pick one card. You can choose all three to get a full three card reading.

I often choose an angel card for myself and I find either a new way to feel about a question or my question is actually answered. If my answer is confusing I pull another card or meditate on the answer or let go and see what happens.

First card Four of Water:
See the male sitting on the beach with three cups in front of him and one bigger one in the back? Four cups ! He’s wondering what to do, which direction to take.
The message on the card says, " There are are very positive forces around you waiting to help! Awaken to the endless possibilities that await you. Don’t take any of the things in your life for granted. Instead, be grateful for them and then look around to see what other amazing opportunities the angels have for you.
“Daydreaming and going within can be healthy ways to get clarity on who you are and what you want from life. These methods may be used for contemplation. However once you have the insights remember to take focused action so that you don’t miss out on the joy of living out your dreams!”
Additional meanings of this card: “Needing to get motivated. Not seeing what is being offered to you. Time to focus on the positive.”

Middle card (the one I picked) The Emperor:
The message from the Emperor says, “Organization and logic can be very helpful right now. Your efforts will bear fruit if you can create an orderly and methodical process for getting things done. Your creativity has brought you to this time of beautiful manifesting, but if you feel there is more to do than you can wrap your head around, considering delegating some of the work to someone you can trust.
“Stand back and take a very objective look at what is going on around you. When this card is drawn, it is best to make decisions on intellectual considerations rather than emotions. Don’t hesitate to consult a mentor or get advice from a skilled leader. Or if you are offered a position of leadership yourself, this card is a sign from your guardian angels that you are ready to take charge!”
Additional meanings of this card: " Thinking clearly. Success or recognition in your career. A leader whom you can trust. Laying a solid foundation for a new project. Fatherhood or father figures.”

Far right card Eight of Fire:
"You have too many things going on! It may seem as if you’re trying to juggle dozens of tasks at once. If your life has felt as though it was moving in slow motion, that is definitely about to change. While multitasking like this can sometimes seem stressful, this card represents the good kind of stress. Your to-do list is filled to the brim with things that you want to do. The real challenge is choosing what to do next!
This card also indicates events that unfold very quickly. Often this is due to an unexpected message or new information that you hadn’t anticipated. At this time it’s very important to communicate accurately and precisely with those around you. "
Additional meanings of this card: “Moving boldly and swiftly forward. Needing to get organized. Travel by air. Sudden flashes of inspiration.”

So I hope you got some help and inspiration from your angels. If you liked these angel messages and want me to post them more regularly let me know.


I chose the Eight of Fire and it couldn’t have been more on point! I am, indeed juggling many tasks at once. It was so good to hear that this card represents the good kind of stress! And, the reminder to communicate accurately and precisely is also timely! Thank you! :innocent:


Middle: and yes, I can’t decide with my normal guidance emotionally right now. Making me feel crappy.

I’ll try intellectual. I’ve got a decent noggin.


Yes I know the picture of the Guide book in the first picture is upside down and backwards. :wink: :joy: but I’m leaving it there because I don’t need to be perfect, just a little more organized. Just how I feel some days :upside_down_face:

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Thanks Jean. I got the 8 of fire like Norene and definitely have lots I’d like to do. Will be interesting to see about any changes or things speeding up.
I got a few vege at the corner shop yesterday and it came to $5.55 which I think can be a sign of changes coming too. :four_leaf_clover::high_brightness::sparkles:


I love 555 and all the triple numbers. Fire energy is all about getting excited and having the energy to DO STUFF!!! It will be interesting for you to see what’s next Kate.

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