Is it Guaranteed?

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What really gets me here, that feels like true wisdom speaking to me, is: The search for a guarantee is endless, fruitless, and the end of possibility, not the beginning.

If I am searching searching searching needing needing needing a GUARANTEE… wow, it really does feel endless. I can’t say that it’s ever borne fruit… so fruitless, too.

When it comes to my heartistry, the search for a guarantee feels even… crushing. As Seth points out, it ENDS possibilities.

And I admit I crave a guarantee at times still. This quote coming this morning feels like the kind of synchronistic Message from the Universe I can smile about as it reminds Silly Ol’ Rickity Rick that guarantees are not part of the ecosystem.

Where to put that energy, though? The engineer in me wants the bridge not to fall down. But fashioning community isn’t nearly as straightforward as building a bridge! Co-crafting a cleaner, healthier, more flourishing emotional world is feels like it has far more variables than something simple, like creating a colony on Mars. :upside_down_face:

Ahh, perhaps that is what I need. To attune the engineer to tools that make the art possible (even colorful) rather than tools that guarantee the outcome.



As usual, when I share something here, it’s applicability to myself deepens, flows, and arises again. This morning after a couple hours of predawn meditation, I felt that part of my mind seeking… the Guarantee.

Saw myself as a farmer – talk about out of character! Yet, also the courage it takes to plant. To clear, till, plant, weed, water, fertilize… and hope. Hope that it will grow into that which can nourish self and others. A farmer grows for more than just themselves.

In another topic, @gibbysan and @Glenn spoke in reference to what goes into cultivating a community. I think about the earnest enthusiasm with which I started the “Thriving Now Team” way back when, 15 years now? How the initial vision of how “easy” and “natural” it would be to grow morphed into the sweat and labors (as well as harvests).

Today it feels like we’re at a place where nourishment is really and truly needed. @Sharon mentioned in her introduction being an introvert. Yeah, me too, although a courageous one now because you all matter so much that I will indeed show up and show up and show up.

I need a place like this where we can talk about love for someone like David and let that evolve into appreciation for each other and for what it means to live life NOW. It takes work, it isn’t guaranteed, and bless us all, there is life here… some green leaves, even flowers, and hands “dirty” with emotional colors.


Now that you bring it to my attention (thank you!) I realize just how much and how often I search for and long for guarantees in so many ways…under so many guises. It stalls me…slows me…turns me back…makes me ineffectual with endeavours that I want so much to succeed at. The desire or need I feel for a guarantee can suck the ease and the vitality out of experiences that could otherwise be felt as flowing and uncomplicated as well as challenging. This is something that deserves my attention because I can see so many benefits from making friends with that part of me that so strongly feels the need for guarantees…a visit is being scheduled. Even just writing about it and considering it now I can feel little stirrings of uncertainty and anxiety which I take as evidence of it’s importance.

Chop wood…carry water.