Irritation... leading to options

Put Microsoft and Apple together and you get a squishy mess.

You can’t upgrade from Microsoft 360 Personal to Family if you bought it through the Apple app store. If you COULD it would only be $30 more. since you CAN’T (and I am not the only one irritated by this according to web searches), it would be another $70 to add it to my partner’s computer so she can use Powerpoint with audios for her class.

Well… I asked AI. And gave me a number of options including trying Google Sheets to import the Powerpoint file and Apple Keynote.

While I don’t YET know whether either or both will work, I appreciate that “workarounds and options” are becoming even more readily available and digestible using AI tools.

This joins friends and online communities who we can ask to help us come up with options.

For us freedom kin, the body-mind reaction of irritation that it seems we’re being “forced” is a reminder that, yeah, there are often unknown options that slip our mind or are as of yet outside our awareness.