Interoceptive Journaling

Interoceptive journaling can be practiced through free-flow writing. If you’d prefer to follow some guided prompts, I’ve read many articles about interoception and developed the following eight questions to get you started.

  1. How does my body feel right now, in this moment? Describe your bodily sensations in as much detail as possible. Are there any tingling, warmth, or cool sensations anywhere in your body?
  2. Where in my body do I feel the most tension or discomfort? Can I associate this feeling with a particular event or emotion from today?
  3. Do I feel any sensations of hunger or fullness? If so, where do I feel it, and how intense is it?
  4. How is my breath? Is it shallow or deep, fast or slow? Can I feel it more prominently in my chest, throat, or abdomen?
  5. Can I detect my heartbeat without touching my chest or wrist? If so, what does it feel like?
  6. Does my body feel heavy or light? Can I connect this feeling to something I’ve ingested or a particular activity?
  7. How did physical activity (or lack thereof) impact my bodily sensations today? Are there parts of my body that feel sore?
  8. Have I noticed any recurring bodily sensations throughout the day or week? If so, can I identify any patterns or triggers?

This practice can help us know our own sensations that indicate triggering and activating of our primitive brain…