Inner Child or Inner Idiot?

Copied from a blog I wrote October 10, 2021

I saw this meme and laughed. Who of us doesn’t have an inner idiot who pops out at times? I know I do and when she appears who knows what will happen.
inner idiot
I was a young mother getting ready to take my son to a doctor’s appointment when my toilet started overflowing. Dressed and ready to leave, I knew I couldn’t leave without stopping the water. What to do? What to do? No one ever taught me about toilets and I thought if I put the lid down and bumped up and down on it with my butt it would form some kind of seal to stop the water. It didn’t work and my shoes were getting wet. What to do? I picked up the phone and called my step father at work. When he heard what I’d done he was laughing so hard he had trouble explaining about the turnoff knob on the wall behind the toilet. He never let me live that one down. I think it’s funny now of course but drat, how would I have known? :scream:

Another time I wanted to make bread. The directions said to put the dough in a warm place and let it rise. Warm place? Where was that? Not in the oven, that’s for baking the bread. I got a brainstorm to put it in my son’s plastic dump truck and roll it over in front of the space heater. Yes my inner idiot was really out that day because the plastic dump truck melted. :joy::joy:

My inner idiot sewed my son’s pant legs together when I tried to mend them.

My inner real mean idiot appeared when I was just a little child. My father was in the bathtub and I threw our cat in with him. I have no idea what made me do this but I blame it on my inner idiot. Of course everyone was mad at me and dad was covered with scratches. :cry::cry:

If any of you reading this are brave enough to share your inner idiot experience I’d love to read it.