I Would Rather




It feels to me that answers that cannot be questioned are anchored in the “primitive brain” – the aspect of human development closest to primal, tribal, war-like.

My sense is that “tribes” do things and believe things that can be pretty arbitrary – yet are shortcuts for identification as the tribal member. We see this with gangs. We see this with “adornments” in some indigenous tribes that distort and deform the body.

We see it in baseball caps and football jerseys!

And in “science is settled” assertions that label anyone who has anything other than total acceptance as worthy of excommunication. Gee, where have we seen threats of excommunication used to force people to stick with the Pogrom.

Feels essential to me for freedom-oriented people to at least accept and provide allowing for people to have other views and vantage points. That doesn’t mean I have to consent to spend any of my precious time (life) to defend or argue MY position. But asserting absolute truth is held by some “majority” viewpoint is, well, ignorant… if not actively authoritarian and abusive.


Thanks for your well reasoned and beautifully expressed response Rick…it says everything I wanted to say when posting the Feynman quote only much more eloquently than I was able to …so I didn’t.