I must decline... for secret reasons


I’ve often said “for personal reasons.” Ahhh, but this… “for secret reasons” gives me inner giggles! Love it…


I went to the doctor’s office this morning for fasting blood work and was handed a paper to fill out. They wanted my income, my SS# and too much else. I filled out what I was comfortable with and handed it back to the receptionist saying, “There is too much unnecessary information wanted here. I’m not filling it all out.” Wish I had thought to say, “for secret reasons”


I’ve gotten to the point where I will give the last 4 of my SSN and no more. Asking your income, what?! That’s…secret!

I opened a money market account a few years ago, and they said they needed to know my employer after I left it blank. I reminded them I was giving them money, not asking for it. I was then told they absolutely needed to have it, at which point I said I’d take my money elsewhere because they didn’t need it. (They backed down.)


I didn’t even give the last 4 numbers of my SS. Why do they need it? It has nothing to do with my health.

That was a good answer you gave them. Glad they gave in.


I love this post! For secret reasons, of course…