I lost it all

I lost it all… every word.

I did cuss. Out loud. In front of the kids.

I’d worked on the words for two hours. I’d saved. But this time, the “save” turned into a “slaughter” – nothing was left except a red error that didn’t explain why. Just said “unrecoverable.”


What now?

Like my two year old daughter, disappointments hit me hard. Losses, too. Use a hammer every day and you WILL bang yourself sometimes. Use technologies to craft your message, and you WILL lose what you created sometimes.

So… What now?

I needed a direction and focus for my energy… some state of being to head towards… some place to return.

Since the start of my emotional freedom journey, my core intention has been to be surprisingly "Calm and Confident. This does not come “naturally” to me.

It takes conscious work for freaky ol’ me to be calm and confident, especially in the aftermath of the destruction of what I had crafted, wanted to share, and was now gone, gone, gone.

But how does one do that?

For me, I started tapping (after the initial cussing). Then, I considered How do I want to feel? Calm and confident. THAT MATTERS TO ME. That would be useful. Better.

Tap tap tap. Accept that it was gone.

Practice the energy of calming (grounding) and confidencing (remembering and activating my strengths).

I do wish it was easier. What I will assert is that it has been worth it… so worth it. The practice of emotional self-regulation means I didn’t spend hours and hours oscillating between moping and angry. My computer was not thrown out into the rain.

Rather, I got curious what would come from the loss. You’re reading it now. Is the “better” than what was lost? Not sure. It’s entirely different!

What I can do is let it do is lead to the same invitation.

I’ve noticed that with people who KNOW what matters to them, and who have emotional skills to help them keep from suppressing and shutting down, who can navigate judgments and outside noise… they are becoming the co-creators of the world I most want to live in with myself, my family, and all of you.

Since this feels so crucial, we have a course we make freely available. You can even pick one of the aspects in any order and start there. The course is called:

Be What Matters

If emotional freedom matters to you, this is a potent set of skills to add to your life.

Warm smiles,

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