I know you’re doing your best...😌

Tot this was sooo cute and sooo apt, so I had to share it…! Always thought that this trauma and inner tapping is pretty “exclusive” knowledge to us tappers, but realise that many others have already thought of it (such as in this comic!).

My internship has started and I must say that it’s been triggering a lot of traumas for me…! But I’m sooooo sooo happy that now i have so much learnt resources to tap for greater healing, resilience and compassion for the “hurt” me, especially inner tapping! Still more to go, but having that “out”, “or it’s ok, I’ll head to the toilet and do some quick tapping (safe exit!!)” is soooo much more uplifting that how I used to suppress and hide all these away…!!:relieved::relieved::relieved:


…and I believe you will really notice the growth and your future self will look back at this courageous period with such acknowledgement, respect, and pride in the being you are becoming… free and clearer in your OWN ways.

Love to you!


I’m soooo impressed by you Jun Rong!! Your capacity and passion for deep learning and most importantly for doing ‘the work’ is really worth acknowledging. Your authenticity is inspiring. Not only are you going to be okay, you already are.

Peace my friend… :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the reassurance @Rick and @Glenn… sometimes I look back and never have thought that I can come this far with just such a simple technique… really truly grateful of the progress and the healing work that has finally worked for me! And many more healing journeys to go…!


The technique is really and truly useful. I also know that my own major shifts with EFT Tapping came when I started tapping with others. There’s something about the honesty and realness, and noticing how “dang, I don’t judge them for feeling that way, but I sure still judge myself! Maybe, just maybe, I could shift that…” – and I did.

So grateful for your engagement with us. And for who you are in our world.