I Do This!

I have a next door neighbour and I will actually do this to avoid him…he’s very chatty and kinda strange and most days I’m just not up for it. And as a result what I’ve noticed is how incredibly often he is either arriving or leaving home at the same time as me…it’s uncanny!! Law of attraction??


I’ve done this too in my own way. I like to step out on my porch and walk a little or breathe the fresh air but there are a lot of dog walkers and they all like to stop and chat. I’m not totally anti social but there are those times when I just want to be on my porch alone.

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Makes me feel like having a two-sided sign – “Open for Chat” and “Solitude Time - Quiet Appreciated” or something like that.

Maybe a backup sign: “Leaf Me the Fluck Alown!!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: for the ones who need something more explicit and misspelled.