I Can't Wait Until

future is now
How many times I’ve said, “I can’t wait until school is out.” Or “I can’t wait until I lose 20 lbs”, “I can’t wait until Friday, then I can have fun.”

There are so many things we tell ourselves that when this or that is over we will be happier. Or when this or that comes life will be better.

I spent my whole life telling myself I can’t wait until… I guess one has to get old to really realize what this means. I saw this meme on Facebook this morning and it spoke to me.
Waiting for Friday
I kept thinking that if I got my house cleaned, the laundry done and bills paid I’d have time to read, write, play with art stuff, go to the movies …
perfect now
What if I hadn’t waited until? What if I’d written more, painted more, played more? What if I had stopped waiting until… ? Who was I trying to make happy?
beating yourself up



Been considering so many aspects of emotional resilience as it interweaves with Wisdom. My “now” is the only place I can thrive. Yes, I want to be a good steward of my world and tend to the needs and desires of my Future Self.

And, THIS is the now when Adira beckons me to come. Or is crying. Or there’s hunger to be met with food prepared by my hands from my resources. Now.

Imperfectionism is a lot easier when I am in the NOW. Life richer, too.

Doesn’t mean there isn’t a “pull from the past” – regrets as a whiff on the wind. Wishes unfulfilled.

Yet, there is so much more richness in NOW than perhaps we’ve imagined… or allowed. I wonder why that is…