How to process emotions

Just here to share a video! :v:t2:


That’s a good video @Jun_Rong, thanks for sharing it. I can certainly identify with a lot that was talked about.


I really like that video…it very clearly lays out the ‘mechanics’ of repressed or unacknowledged feelings, emotions and sensations. It mirrors my experience.

My only complaint about it is some of it’s language could have been chosen a bit more carefully…a few things leapt out at me and activated a ‘Ugh!’ response in me. The narrator at least twice used the word ‘failure’ in regards to not addressing our underlying emotions, as in, ‘our failure to address our emotions’ and ‘if we fail to address…’. Those are not exact quotes but are exact in how the notion of ‘failure’ was used. I think that’s a bit of a sloppy use of language to insert the notion that we have ‘failed’ in that task. It doesn’t land on me very nicely. I’m quite certain the intention was not to create the idea of ‘blame’…and I’m aware that it’s a common usage of the word ‘failure’…but I still consider it a bit inappropriate to use it within this context as it can be a bit triggering…like it did to me…:slight_smile:

In a similar way the narrator declares that insomnia is the ‘revenge’ of unacknowledged emotions. Well, I don’t think we seek revenge against ourselves. That just doesn’t make sense to me through any lens I look through. It may feel like that’s what’s happening but…that’s not what’s happening. Insomnia is a communication that there is an imbalance somewhere in our being…something needs to be addressed and explored to bring ourselves back into balance. Insomnia is a real attention grabber and that’s it’s intention I would say. That makes more sense to me than the notion of ‘revenge’.

Other than that I think the video is very good. :slight_smile:


@Glenn wow you have such clarity and awareness in being able to pick those out! I wouldn’t have noticed it until you’ve pointed them out! Thank you! It’s also nice to know that many of my repressed sensitivities from the “ugh” responses in the little things that I’ve once experienced, is starting to not “feel” so crazy after all. But instead, it’s just us, empaths , navigating this not-so-clear world :man_shrugging:t2:

But yeah, words have such powerful meanings! Now I do try to be a little more cautious of the words I use too… (though it’s definitely hard and add stress sometimes :persevere:)


My belief is that those ‘ugh’ feelings are a clear communication from deeper, intuitive parts of us that are alerting us to a sort of ‘Right Distance/Right Depth’ assessment of the thing that is making us feel ‘ugh!’…asking us to take a ‘Powerful Pause’.

And if we label those feelings as ‘crazy’, well, that’s exactly the same sort of thing as describing insomnia as ‘revenge’ or not noticing or acknowledging feelings as a ‘failure’.

I start from a premise that is biological…our biological design imperative is that of survival…that’s fundamental. So how could it be that any ‘part’ of us would have the intention of wanting to perpetrate ‘revenge’ on ourselves or have us feel like a ‘failure’ or have us believe we’re ‘crazy’. That defies the logic of our biological survival hardwiring. The learned behaviour of assigning negative and aggressive intentions toward ourselves from our feelings and sensations is in clear violation of our basic biological survival/thrival hardwiring so I dismiss it as simply a learned behaviour that has no basis in reality. But those illogical learned behaviours still need to be addressed in some manner and that’s what we do with tapping it seems to me.


@Glenn yes, that is true! However, I think how I’d see it for me is that even those illogical learned behaviours of “self-revenge” and “failure” is a result of perhaps a biological response to survive in those difficult environments where we have little to no control! In that way, understanding that “these learned behaviour of assigning negative and aggressive intentions” are primitive back then gives it a certain sense of emotional relief, and takes the blame out of you (that which we are all too good in assigning ourselves for), but instead, attribute it as what it is, a shame to what happened back then in our lives.

And with that weight lifted off us, we can better accept and process these learned behaviours, and allow it to release it as to how nature has its course taken…!


Anyways, just saw another great video, here it is…! I believe Carl Jung’s work is out there, not sure if people here know about it!

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