How do you want to feel?

How do you want to feel?

I would really appreciate knowing your answer to this “simple” question.

Would you click reply… and let me know?

Why? Because Cathy and I are focusing-in on the emotions that matter to our engaged members.

It’s a question that really would be simple if it were not for traumas, blocks, and stresses. Often we know how we DON’T want to feel – anxious, worried, grumpy, pressured, or scared.

Getting to how we DO want to feel can be a challenge.

You’re invited to pause, breathe, tap a bit, and ask yourself:

How would I like to feel more often… now and in the months to come… that would really enhance my life?

…and if you need help, reply and let me know that, too.

THANKS! And Happy New Year!

With smiles and love,

Your Emotional Freedom Coach
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P.S. Adira says, “Da-Da says what he wants to feel more is… Eager! …Brother and I shall be his Teachers!”

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So far the replies from those who have gotten back to me with one choice are across a beautiful map of possibilities. Here they are with the count next to them:

  • Confident 2
  • Peaceful 4
  • Enthusiastic 1
  • Joyful 2
  • Balanced 1
  • Content (with Myself) 2
  • Fierce 1
  • Ease 1
  • Connected 2
  • Competent 1
  • Eager 2
  • Calm & Confident 1
  • Calm 1
  • Safe 1
  • Exuberant 1
  • Adventurous 1
  • Resourced 1
  • Fulfilled 1

“So routine…”

Here’s the thing… for emotional freedom, the emotions that matter to us cannot be “routine” – they stand out (because they MATTER!)




Loved. Yes.

If you’re open to it, say (a) and (b) out loud each in turn with a pause to feel for the level of feeling. How would you rate 0-10 as “how I feel/think (blended)” (0 not at ALL - not an inkling, 10=totally in body and mind)

a. I am loved.

b. I feel loved.

(We can all do this. It’s designed to guess how much of a gap there is between what is real in the world and in the emotions of others, and how much we’re letting in and allowing ourselves to feel without suppression.)


I am resourced.

I feel resourced.

@gibbysan - YOU ARE LOVED :heart_eyes: :heart:


Peaceful, calm and confident, Enthusiastic.

Yes@gibbysan - I love you :heart: :hugs:


Love You​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: @gibbysan


Is there one of those, Jean, that stands out for you for this next Focus we’re doing?

I am finding that each time I come to this question my answer is similar to my first but slightly different. I am really resonating with ‘Held’ today. Which is linked to my initial one of feeling ‘Sure’ and ‘Connected’ to myself. ‘Resourced’. ‘Caring - for self’. They are all linked and feel similar but different words come up.

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Held. A powerful relationship with ourselves when we embody the kind of holding that helps us regulate, feel loved, that there’s compassion present, caring, willingness…

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