Good Grief

Today I am grieving the passing of Nemo and Cleo. Nemo and his buddy Cleo (Sasha’s sister) took their final flight within days of each other 6 years ago. Remembering them today, I realized something…you don’t just get over grief…I have found that it changes over time but where there was great love there is deep grief. I am forever impacted by their empathic, sweet, serious, affectionate, funny and sensitive natures. I realized something else…befriending my grief with remembrances and rituals lightens it and somehow it becomes Good Grief!


When I had to put down my little friend Charlie three years ago I knew it was going to be painful but it took me completely by surprise the level of grief I experienced. I was knocked entirely off balance for several days. I grieved HARD!! I adopted him from my daughter when she moved away so there were also many emotions about that, that Charlie symbolized…and did his death ever bring all that up…and out! I found someone locally to do some tapping with and it had an incredible healing effect. I can still feel sadness about Charlie being gone and about having to make that terrible decision but mostly what I’m left with is an incredible respect for how deep our relationships and our love can be for our furry little critters. And all that without any words being spoken by them…no hours of conversation…just knowing each other by our felt senses…by our actions. That’s deeper than words. That’s a kind of magic.


That terrible decision is so hard; I knew it was time when I could no longer bear to see Nemo suffer (basal cell carcinoma in his nose) trying to breathe. My friend Ruth wrote this poem when her dog passed.

I learned so much from being unconditionally loved by Nemo :service_dog::heart: