Go listen to Rick's talk on the Pain World Summit

GREAT talk about back pain and using tapping to relieve back pain and heal the body by Rick, on the Pain world summit by the tapping solution. I sure tapped along since I’ve had back problems for most of my life.

Available to listen free for a limited time.

Even my senior cat came and settled down to listen with me​:smile_cat:


I’m almost embarrassed to ask, but where can I find this talk? I must have been “asleep at the wheel” when the announcement of the Pain Relief World Summit was happening, I think it is too late to watch the segment? thank you, James

It was only available for 24 hours. Sorry! I don’t have rights to it so I can’t post it here. Of course, we do have the relief NOW videos as well as Pain Relief with EFT. Are you familiar with those?

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Where is the Pain Relief material located? Thanks so much!

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For circle members, the Pain Relief with EFT program is included and accessed via their member courses: https://www.thrivingnow.com/members/

It can be purchased separately here:

Relief NOW is a video series for bringing relief. It’s donation-based, free to access. Sign up here: