Gives me a glimmer of hope…

Just wrote about triggers… Love you!


A little guide to glimmers

  • glimmers are the opposite of triggers.
  • they are tiny moments of awe.
  • they spark joy & evoke inner calm.
  • they have a positive effect on our mental health.
  • they are micro-moments causing tiny mood shifts.
  • they send cues of safety to our nervous system.
  • they bring feelings of ease & contentment.
  • our body responds with positive energy.
  • they allow us to feel hope when lost.
  • our nervous system is strengthened by them.
  • they can help increase our well-being.
  • once we start embracing them it can become a beautiful way to see the world around you.



This meme on Facebook was a “glimmer” for me today…


Yes we can. That’s lovely and inspiring Jewel, thank you. :hugs:

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:rainbow: :sun_with_face: :green_heart: :blush:

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This prayer by Elizabeth D’ialto is a “glimmer” for me tonight…

Divine Mother Goddess,

I know my heart needs constant tending because it is so sensitive, dynamic, and so much happens in this place and sometimes I am too tired, or I feel too much, or it’s just so heavy, I cannot bring myself to tend to it. This is when I need you the most.

Please, like the Divine heavy-weight lifter you are, help me carry it all, and when possible, please take what burdens me out of my hands, out of my heart.

Flood me with the grace of remembering - that I don’t have to do everything on my own, that my feelings aren’t embarrassing, or weak, or unfounded.

Help me to honor what and how I feel by being my most sacred witness, the deepest listener, and my biggest supporter. I abandon my heart when I don’t see joy.

I suffer needlessly when I only tend to the heavy, sad, disappointing, and frustrating things. Flood me with the grace of delight. Remind me that even when things are horrendous and horrific, there is beauty, there is wonder, there is something worthy of awe lurking very nearby to lift me up, too.

May I always be willing to be uplifted. Please, please, please, give me the courage to feel and appreciate what’s good as much as I am able to plummet into what’s not.

Thank you.


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Now that I’ve started paying attention these “glimmers” are showing up alot! Here is another one for today:

Starting listening to a really good audiobook called “The Comfort Zone” by Kristin Butler. Her premise is completely different than the usual “get out of your comfort zone” advice.

She teaches a path to success while cultivating & exploring more comfort, saying that the “comfort zone” is not a stagnant place where you avoid action, but rather a foundation of self-understanding and emotional security from which you can confidently explore new things. And that we can “Embrace Ease Over Stress” because success and growth come more readily when you feel calm, focused, and empowered. Strive for an internal state that feels good, not one fueled by anxiety.


YES! This fits the notion that what most people experience as being “out of their comfort zone” is a place of anxiety and fear.

There is ease, to me, in expanding both comfort and confidence. The confidence zone may include aspects of life that are challenging and hard, even uncertain, while having a sense of “I can!” and “I will!” – confidence that we’re good and sufficiently prepared (and supported) for most of the range of experiences that are to come.

Thanks for the reminder about glimmers! I like that I can even harvest a few from the day in retrospect – like my 3 year old already figuring out how to Facetime Da-Da on her own when she wants to show me something while she’s in Alaska. Awwww…


Some “glimmers” today were going for a walk at Killarney Lake park and discovering a small side trail with a big boulder to sit on hidden in the trees (well, it’s still not quite spring here yet, so I just stood on the boulder / it was snow covered, but I will go back later once actual spring arrives in a month or so). And I found a new picnic table in a private, quiet spot too - might be a nice place to sit and journal or do art. Felt like the Universe was guiding me to some places of rejuvenation.

And my sister invited me to supper for burgers & salad - so that was an extra bonus on a pretty good day. :smiley:


Sounds lovely Jewel.

Your dinner with your sister certainly helped you have that extra bonus. I am happy for you.

Thank you for sharing your new “glimmers”

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Oh yay! What thriving experiences… thanks for sharing, Jewel! Expanding our energetic territory…


Thanks Jean & Rick!

P.S. Here is my “Jesus candle” I’m enjoying burning… :grinning: