From Dirty Fingernails To Infinity

This is extracted from another email from a local gentlemen who walks the shamanic path. I’ve met and worked with Wes Geitz a few times, he’s an EFT’r. I love this man’s mind and his facility with language in expressing those things that are difficult to express. Once again I felt his words and thoughts were worth sharing.

From the dirt under my nails to the splendour of infinity

Yes, I do enjoy gardening. Connecting with the land, planting seeds and bulbs, feeling awe at the sight of new growth – all of these help me to know my belonging in this world.

I also find satisfaction in exploring my place in a larger context, while being solidly planted in the earth. That’s what this piece is about.

You, I, can find meaning in knowing that we are larger than three dimensions, five senses, and linear time. We are simultaneously and seamlessly part of humanity, part of nature, part of this star system, part of What Is. We are more than the body we inhabit, and our travels encompass many lifetimes.

A few enter human life knowing this. For others, the journey of discovery is set in motion by a nudge. The nudge may be small: being surprised by the beauty of a upturned lily or the flash of iridescence on a hummingbird’s throat in sunlight. Or it may be more like a boot: a brush with our own death or being present at a loved one’s passing. Experiences like these can launch us into a flash of transcendence, an instant of astonishing connection with an immense and beautiful something .

Perhaps you feel a hunger for more of those magical moments. This can lead to a need to spend time with nature; this is the beginning of the earthy, sensual, spiritual path of the shaman. That is how it was for me.

The desire for expansion won’t let go. You may find it on the shamanic path. You may be drawn to mysticism – poetry is good for that – or the study of consciousness itself. What is important is not which path you take, for all have their own path, but its destination: the absolute knowing that you are infinitesimal in three dimensions and infinite in consciousness. Meaning in life comes not from reaching the destination, but from the growth, further seeking, and ongoing expansion that rewards committed effort.

My journey this time around has compassed the range from childhood fundamentalist religion to science, shamanism, mysticism, and eventually consciousness that encompasses all experience. My largest context is galaxies and billions of years, and still I love the shamanic connection with the Earth and her rocky, fleshy, windy, juicy, multicoloured, diverse, beautiful children. This cannot be found in those other realms.

I continue to strive within my humanness: to be in Love and Light as I chop wood and carry water, to be of service, to heal and transcend human hurts given and received. I do this while I continue to seek my own spiritual growth. This work is my birthright. As it is yours.


My tears yearn for the ocean,
my breath for arid mountain winds.

My bones are kin with stone and soil,
my hair with grass and fern and leaf.

My blood is bonded with the sun
through heat and living pulse and red.

This body came to be, has grown,
will age and then, like all, will die
to rise again in waves and winds,
in trees and fire and swelling fruit.

I will live on through these
who in their turn will die
and rise, and fall again.

Each one’s remembrance,
celebrating those before,
empowers all to live

Wes Gietz


Mmmm, love the poem.

…so THAT’s where my hair went!

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:joy: :rofl: Nicely done my friend…

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