For you Guitar Players


:astonished:how are you into these, @Angelsloveyou ?:laughing:

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@Jun_Rong, I used to listen to Les Paul and Mary Ford when I was a teenager/young adult. I’ve always liked Guitar music. My husband bought me a guitar for Christmas one year. I practiced for a while and had fun playing with some friends. But this was before computers and good guitar tuners. I never could get my guitar tuned right. Plus I wanted to sing while I played but never could and between the 2 of the frustrations I gave up. I gave my guitar to my son a couple of years ago. He has been enjoying playing. I’ve always liked music but I will stick to my keyboard. I thought you and our other guitar players would enjoy the video about Les Paul too. Does that make sense? :smiley:


That’s awesome, @Angelsloveyou :slight_smile: haha I just watched the video and I could perhaps see how their history meant to you! It sure has been a legacy for him and inspired so many around the world! Thank you for sharing that appreciation :smiley:

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You’re welcome. Isn’t it interesting how guitars have changed. :grinning: