Flexibility, Community, Sense of Possibility

That doesn’t make it easier?

No, sometimes it doesn’t. To be flexible for me right now means holding powerfully pulsing polarities in my awareness and in the thought fields of people I’m connected to… while maintaining my own guidance. HARD for me right now.

Community right now means putting myself vulnerably expressing and serving, attuning to a lot of struggles and chaos and changes in people’s lives… and still having energy (sometimes) to pick up toys and put the bed back together. HARD for me right now.

A sense of possibility did rise in me watching SpaceX launch 4 civilians into space, to circle our planet for 3 days. What a view. It feels only minimally possible that I will take such a journey this lifetime, and I do feel like my kids will be able to see that vista from that altitude if that is their dream. I’m grateful for that. I’m grateful that there are freedom-seeking people who are also working in technologies of freedom – computer wise, civilization wise, financial wise, and yes, emotional freedom, too.


And yes, for me it is easier to know I’m not a-l-o-n-e in all this.

Love to you… and thanks for listening.


No you certainly are not a-l-o-n-e in all this. I’m sitting here needing to go to CVS where they don’t mandate masks, nor does Ingles where I want to pick up a few things that won’t come in my food delivery tomorrow. A part of me doesn’t want to go. I don’t have to go today though. They hold prescriptions for a week I think. I can live without a trip to Ingles. I was all ready to go earlier but Bernie said he’d rather wait until later in the afternoon. So instead I sat here and played a few games on the computer. I fell asleep. Not that I needed it because I slept 8 hours last night. Where’s my energy? So yes it is HARD for me too.

However I have a sense that many things are going on in the world we know nothing about yet. This pandemic has changed people in many ways. Some won’t go back to their old jobs. They had a chance to take online courses to get them ready for careers or jobs that fit more who they are. Others have allowed their creativity to blossom in many beautiful ways.

Yes Space X launch was amazing! The possibilities are endless and we are living in another of history making times!

Exciting and yes HARD!

Love to you all.


And it’s HARD for me too right now AND I am also aware of a softening in myself and in many others. I’ve noticed this for a while now. Surrounded by all the HARDNESS (the hardness of polarized opinions and emotions) I find a hugely encouraging amount of willingness and need to talk about and ‘feel into’ the ‘softer’ things in life. I even see it on Facebook. Open and free talk of the precious gift of life…talk of love and other tender things it seems, by my perception, to have been ignited…it’s been given ‘Activation Energy’ from our current circumstances. Our circumstances currently are HARD…VERY HARD (hell! life in general on this planet is often HARD under the best of circumstances) and so perhaps we seek softness as a remedy. I see and feel the HARD! but I am seeking and finding the accepting, yielding, comforting, welcoming s-o-f-t-n-e-s-s all around me…it, like many things we discuss, is a nutrient that is sometimes easy to forget because it’s not very often offered as part of the list of ingredients in mainstream dialogue…so that’s not where I look for it.



Good chain. I wanted you to know I’m with you.


What up Dru (aka Dru)… :slight_smile:

Yes! I love this, @Glenn. This is the balance of Yin and Yang necessary for thriving, especially at this tipping point of the equinox… :yin_yang:

The Tao Te Ching often talks about “the power of the soft and flexible to overcome the hard and unyielding” — no, maybe it’s not “easy”, but there is support for greater ease with that softening… all the more so when we tune into the soft strength of our hearts, and choose compassion and a larger perspective that allows room for the vast uncertain Mystery of life… (I can imagine that orbiting our small blue planet would give some helpful perspective!)

And @Rick, you’re doing great, and I so appreciate all you do, especially when some things feel extra hard! :kissing_heart: It helps to know that the little bit extra we each do supports greater ease for someone, or a few, or even more… whether that “extra” is in tidying the house, or softening our hearts, or opening more deeply within ourselves to hold paradox in ways that make space for all of us and our myriad feelings and needs… Not alone, but in We-Space. :revolving_hearts:

Cheers to finding and co-creating more ease and Grace and agile community, with softness and flexibility and compassion and balance.
Happy equinox! :yin_yang:


Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and deep wisdom Jem. The Tao Te Ching is such an important and wonderful collection of wisdom. I must have a copy of it around still…maybe the one I bought in my early twenties. I’m still in awe of those early Taoists with their unwavering attention to the natural patterns of ‘the way of life’. We are all naturally imbued with the power of ‘attention’ but it’s very useful to have some guidance on how and where to focus it so it benefits us and others.
I know you are incredibly busy with all your various ‘heartistry’ commitments but it would be lovely to have you share your thoughts and wisdom more often here…just sayin’… :slight_smile: