Feel Confident with Your Financial Energy

 Real Skills Workshop - Community Event

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Feel Confident with Your Financial Energy

Real Skills Workshop: Be Calm and Confident

Hosts: Rick Wilkes (@Rick) and Cathy Vartuli (@Cathy)

Recorded Sun Mar 13 2022

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Our “Yes, But’s” Deplete Our Confidence

Inflation in the U.S. they said today is 7.99999%. Hahahaha. SobSobSobSobSob. Oh, my grocery bill!

If you work to support yourself and people you love, these kinds of changes can wreck our sense of being “in control.” We’re not in control of inflation (or war or its global repercussions).

It also is not helpful to descend into despair or stay triggered into anxiety and fear. Our primitive brain may think panic is called for… but it isn’t a “good look” for us as we seek to adapt and thrive even amidst changing circumstances.

Which brings me to Yes, buts.

Imagine I looked you in the eyes and told you:

“I believe in you, and with all you’ve been through in the past, you can get through this financial situation, too.”

What comes up for you?

“Yes, but… you don’t understand!! I… ________!!!” (Fill in the blank)

Look, most of us who seek emotional freedom are also well-versed in arguing for our limitations.

Left to fester in the background, our limiting beliefs (“yes but’s”) and past traumas have a way of depleting our confidence when we most need it. They are like “holes” draining our confidence in our financial energy.

So what are we going to do about it?

We’re going to gather together this Sunday, March 13th, and do some earnest and honest tapping. We’re guessing there will be laughter and tears, too, so be prepared.

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And remember, we as a community practice generosity every day. For those who need a supportive gift, attend as our guest. For those who can share a bit (or more than a bit), please do and thank you!

We know a boost of confident financial energy would be really useful right now.

Rick & Cathy
Your Emotional Freedom Coaches

P.S. Adira says, “It may feel Too Big… but we can ROCK ON… Together!”

Debt by Design - It’s heavy…

You’re not a bad person if you have debt. Yet, we’re sorta made to feel that way… by design.

It’s called a “debt burden” for a reason. It’s heavy. It is an obligation, in fact, and for freedom-loving people like us, that can feel… arrrrrgh! Tap tap tap.

But let’s get real and a little primal here.

When we eat, sometime later there’s poop to deal with. Poop stinks. Too much in one place can really change the aura of a space (or its livability).

We came up with adaptations – diapers, buckets, toilets, sewer systems – to cope with what is a byproduct of eating.

Today, and for a hundred+ years, our money technology has had as part of its design DEBT. When government wants or needs something, they go into debt. BIG debt. It used to be that they had to sell bonds to “the people” in order to go into debt. Somewhere in my lifetime, they figured out they could just… borrow from themselves, and print more money at the click of a mouse.

A system grew up around that. It’s a system that takes the savings you put into the bank and NEEDS to loan it out to others 5 times or 20 times or even 100 times what you put into “your” account.

Our banking system takes what you put in, consumes it, and puts out debt… and we’re all impacted by it.

As an emotional world environmentalist, there’s an energy to this. It pervades how we feel about the energy of money exchanges. We cough and sometimes gag when bills come due, find it hard to breathe, and even sometimes need financial interventions to… survive.

But we want to be thriving now, don’t we?

For restoring and living with more financial confidence, I propose three key elements:

  1. We calm the anxiety, repulsiveness, and self-abuse we feel around all aspects of our finances, including (and especially) debt.

  2. We confidence ourselves – fortifying our co-creativity for the challenges here now (and those to come).

  3. We adapt and change our relationship to financial energy – making money, using money, storing money, investing money – in ways that feel (even slightly) better to us.

If this would be helpful to you, join us this Sunday, March 13th.

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One of the ways we changed our financial energy is by practicing generosity every day – giving and receiving. You’ll notice how we do that when you click to register and decide whether you yourself are giving or receiving financially today. Thank you!

We know a boost of confident financial energy would be really useful right now.

Rick & Cathy
Your Emotional Freedom Coaches

P.S. Adira says, “We can clean up messes AND enjoy a sweet muffin at the same time!”

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Feel Confident with Your Financial Energy - Workshop Session

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Feel Confident with Your Financial Energy
[00:00:00] Welcome everyone. Today’s real skills workshop for being calm and confident is feel confident with your financial energy. Ah, yeah, we’ve picked up perfect challenging time to do this. Well, we, we, it was intentional because we imagined that for many people, this is a challenging time around financial energy.
[00:00:27] Um, I’m Kathy Bertolli from the intimacy dojo and driving now.com and here with the amazing Rick Wilkes from thriving.com. I just, for the recording, um, I think that so much is happening in the world that even a lot of people were uncomfortable, uneasy around money. Anyway, then COVID hit and people are like, oh, is that going to be a big impact?
[00:00:50] Now we have Ukraine, which, you know, sending my prayers to them and, uh, uh, good wishes. People, aren’t sure what’s going to happen. Inflation has come coming on or like, ah, what, what is this gonna, what is our life gonna be like humans? Like we like to know we have some security. We want to be able to predict forward, how is my financial, how am I going to be financially?
[00:01:13] As time goes forward. We love, love to predict that. And right now there’s some uncertainties and things we don’t have control over. So it’s really common to be less certain and less easeful about our financial energy. So the fact that you’re here, I just want to congratulate you. A lot of people are feeling the same stress, inferior feeling, but they’re not doing something about it.
[00:01:36] They’re sitting there and worrying. I have people very dear to me that are in this space. They want to call and talk for two or three hours a day about gas prices and inflation, but they’re not changing their energy about it. They’re not looking for other solutions. They’re just panicky. And they just want to S they’re kind of in the hamster loop of panic.
[00:01:55] So the fact that you’re here in a safe space with people that are looking for a better way to be around this, it’s, you’re giving yourself an amazing gift and you’re giving the other people here a gift to you because we learn better in a group, our survival brain, which is kind of like, oh, are we going to be all alone?
[00:02:15] No, we’re here together. We’re not going to be alone. We have support. We have other people that are working through this other ideas, and that’s going to give you such. It’s going to shift your trajectory in a way that will give you a lot more ease, a lot more options. So I just I’m really touched and honored by the courage that brings you here.
[00:02:34] And I just want to, I want to acknowledge that, uh, the chat is open when you post in the chat. We Cathy and I do our best to remember, to keep anonymity. Um, so that say someone in the chat, um, will, uh, has brought up a question or shared something, um, and we’ll be watching that best. We can. I want to, um, to say that while today, we’ve got some really concrete things.
[00:03:06] As Kathy mentioned, there’s war and there’s inflation. Um, these are things that have been a part of my life. I, I was born and by the time I was four, I was being raised by a single mom, um, who. I never felt financially confident. It confused me to be honest. And I think that that’s one of the reasons this kind of work is important to me is that there’s an emotional approach.
[00:03:35] There are lots of things that talk about how to invest and what to do with your money and how to, how to beat inflation and how to set a budget and all of those kind of, um, tools, just like, oh, you tap your eyebrow here, you, your eyebrow here, we have a free guide for EFT tapping. It’s thriving now.com/tapping.
[00:03:55] We’re going to be using it today because I believe that, um, when we look at our, what is helpful, like I’m a very practical person, Kathy and I are both engineers by nature. Um, and so like for me, I know when I was worried about money constantly, it almost killed me. I had 20 employees, my printing budget for the newsletter and postage was over $50,000 a month.
[00:04:28] Like, uh, I, I fell into a trap that I. I have done a lot and continues to do a lot to not fall into. And that is to like, have the belief that worrying about it makes it better worrying about it brings out my resourcefulness and yes, I’d like to tap on that right now. If this doesn’t apply to you. Great.
[00:05:01] For me, it’s always a starting point. Um, as, as I engage around financial stuff, you know, a lot of ancestral things come with it. A lot of cultural things come with it. Are you meeting, can you throw in some, the mallet magic talisman about worry too, because I think that some people have that in my family.
[00:05:23] If we worry about something enough, we magically make it go away. No, if I worry about, okay.
[00:05:35] Okay. So even though I have a bit of this belief, even though I have a bit of this belief that if I worry about it, if I worry about it, that’s a good idea. That’s a good idea. That’ll bring about my resourcefulness that will bring about my resourcefulness shows. I’m taking it seriously shows I’m taking it serious and no matter how messed up I get emotionally, no matter how messed up I get emotionally, no matter how little I sleep because of it, no matter how little I sleep, because.
[00:06:07] I’m supposed to worry about finances. Aren’t tired. I’m just supposed to worry about finances. Aren’t they? Aren’t I supposed to worry about finances. I supposed to worry about finances, eyebrow. It would be so weird to be confident, at least so weird to be confident. Everyone’s worried about money.
[00:06:27] Everyone’s worried about money. It’d be so weird to not be worried so much. It’d be so weird not to be worried so much. I am kind of weird. Anyway. I have had anyway. What if I was weirdly confident about finances? What if I was confident about finances? Worry is not actually a good look for me or is not actually a good look for me arm twisting my gut about money is not a good look for me.
[00:06:57] Money is not a good look for me, Kristy. My brain around around money is not a good look for me. Let’s see my brain around drum money is not a good look for me. And right now I’m calming myself, but
[00:07:14] would it be okay if I had just edited? Or do you want to say something about that? Okay. So for those of you that have magic talismans of, of worry, um, let’s just do a tapping. And if you don’t feel free to tap a, because you might find that there’s hidden pockets, you can clear out karate chop. Even though my family has a history, even though my family has a history of using worry as a magic talisman, I’m using worry as a magic talisman to make something, go away, to make something go away.
[00:07:45] It doesn’t actually work as well as I’d like it to it doesn’t work for me at all. And it’s a lot of work and it’s a lot of work. What if I found a better way to move ahead? What if I found him better way to move ahead? What if I had a better way to use my resources? What if I had a better way to use my resources top of the head?
[00:08:09] If I worry enough, that fee will never happen. If I were enough, that thing will never happen. I brought, but I really have to worry. I really have to worry side of the eye. It has to hurt doesn’t it have to hurt under the eye. Otherwise the magic spell doesn’t work. Otherwise the magic spell doesn’t work under the nose and sometimes that thing doesn’t happen.
[00:08:36] Sometimes that thing does not happen. And what if it wasn’t because I worried what if it wasn’t because I worried Hollywood, I was just putting all the pain and suffering in. I’d been putting all this pain and suffering under the eye. And I don’t know if that thing would have happened or not
[00:08:57] top of that. What if I could have used that energy to get neutral? Oh, I am so open to using that energy to get neutral and find better ways to handle this. And find better ways to handle this and just take a breath and notice that I think when we do this pattern, cause I have a lot of evidence in my life from people I’ve been watching that recently because we knew this call was coming up.
[00:09:23] It’s like, We borrow the pain from the future as a way to kind of control it. Maybe a lot of people that are traumatized will try to do this because people will have, who have trauma want to try to control the environment. That’s not a bad thing to want to control the environment, but borrowing a possible pain from the future and experiencing it.
[00:09:42] Now doesn’t actually leave us more resourced and we feel the pain, whether it happens or not. And then if it actually happens, we have the surprise and hurt and pain of it actually happening too. So it’s, it’s not logical. It doesn’t make sense. And I think it’s a superstition that comes about maybe because of people that had no other power people that were really traumatized or young, and that worry became a way to have a sense of control, which so we can honor that.
[00:10:11] Okay. So, so appreciate that. Some part of me was looking for control. Now we have better ways to use that. Like, uh, the chat has inspired me to do a round or two on avoiding a boy because that’s not confidence. That’s primitive brain saying, no, I don’t have enough confidence. I can’t stay calm. This is too painful.
[00:10:37] I’m going to go do everything else. I’m going to clean the closet. I’m going to organize the space, even though a part of me wants to do anything else, even though part of you wants to do anything else and everything else and everything else. I didn’t even think about money like this. Think about money like that.
[00:10:56] I think about finances, to think about finances. Think about my financial energy to think about like financial energy. What am I doing? What am I doing top of the head? I have a history of avoiding, avoiding those. I have a history of avoiding this. I brought sometimes I really avoided looking at my money.
[00:11:17] Sometimes I have really avoided looking at my money, avoided looking at my finances, looking at my finances, look avoided looking at it at all, looking at it at all. That’s so smart. That’s so smart. That’s why I’m confident in myself now. That’s why confidence in myself now. That’s why I’m calming myself down now.
[00:11:40] That’s why I’m calming myself down now under the arm. That’s why I’m looking at my beliefs today. That’s why I’m looking at my beliefs today.
[00:11:52] I’d really like to feel more ease with my financial energy. I would really like to feel more ease with my financial energy.
[00:12:03] What do you rub your hand? If that feels good to you, rub your hands together and squeeze them together. Again, part of the real skill of calm and confidence is that we learn, like, what are the things that, that cause me to be anxious. I calm myself down. And then what are the ways that I avoid? Drop into engage body, mind, and my resources with something that’s important.
[00:12:31] Um, and so tapping is a part of that, but also physical movement. Like sometimes like if, if I’m not, if I’m feeling worried or I’m feeling like I want to do anything else, I’m not really in my body. If I do some tapping, I can find that, oh, parts of me start showing up like, oh my hands, oh, I have leg. Wow. My feet are back.
[00:13:00] And if that’s your, like part of your style, that kind of disconnection, floated dissociated thing, that’s really useful. And we believe. Since we’re doing emotional work physio, emotional work, that if that’s your pattern and you bring something physical into it with an intention. Ah, okay. You know, I notice I just kind of bounced in my chair.
[00:13:25] My chair is solid enough to do that. I got my feet on the floor. Maybe like, you know, you’re getting more into. Tissues money, especially these days where it’s not an ounce of gold in your pocket. It’s, um, it’s very ephemeral, right? And our emotions and fears are activating powerful chemicals and like taking us out of our body, you know, that’s a trick to take, it uses a lot of energy to kind of dissociate and come out of our body.
[00:14:01] Oh, I’m not going to deal with this. I’m going to do something else. Yeah. And one of the things that one of the very first times I heard Rick speak, he was talking about the vibrational scale and how we go up the vibrational scale. And so many of us are reaching for this really high state of calm confidence, like, oh, I’ve got this handled.
[00:14:20] And I think it’s really important. Yeah. You talked a lot about going to neutral first and taking baby steps there. So like, like if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, like when I think about being really confident about something, I’m not confident about it just, I feel like it’s too big and I just push it away.
[00:14:36] Versus what if I could be a little awkward with us and try it, but I just want to do it from a little more neutral space where it’s not an, it’s not an intensity of fear. But like, oh, what if I was a little curious or just a little calm and just, you know, rather than I’m going to fix my whole financial plan in the next day, which is like, oh my goodness, I haven’t done this in years.
[00:14:57] What if I just sat down and opened one account while I tapped and just looked at that and like, got my balance there or took care of one thing I needed to our system. The thing is I love to train our system to do things differently. Um, and to do that, we often have to give it small doses of competence or calmness and not overwhelm it and associate it with like, oh, look, I did this thing.
[00:15:23] I can be gentle and congratulate myself. And maybe I have a friend that I, you know, I’ve done this with like, uh, some of my taxes were complicated a couple of years. I’m like, Rick, I feel a little scared. Can you just be on zoom with me and just make sure I’m not messing this up? Just so like ask her buddy your top, just like, but we don’t have to go from zero to 60.
[00:15:45] We can go from zero to 10 or two. And even that little bit of momentum is going to give us a shift in where we are. So I just invite you. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about, I have to go all the way to confidence. No, you just have to shift your trajectory just a little bit and start teaching your system.
[00:16:03] That money is not so scary. Yeah. And, and so that gives, gives me an example, uh, an example to build on, um, when we’re confidence in ourselves, what we’re doing is we’re inviting our primitive brain to calm down and for our resources to rise. Now what’s a human resource curiosity. Like I really don’t know.
[00:16:38] Where money came from, how it’s actually, like, I don’t understand money as a technology these days. It seems very obtuse. Like what’s going on here now, if I’m approaching that as fear. It’s hard to have confidence, confidence as in an activated energy that I’m tapping into my resource curiosity. Um, another resource is resilience.
[00:17:09] Like, you know, I’ve been through some tough times tough moments, and if that’s true for you, it can be like, you know, and now I’m learning how to bring more calm into that kind of capacity. You know, I know someone who knows how to squeeze a, a penny and turn it into a dime and like, wow, you apply that same kind of skill with more calm confidence, rather than survival fear.
[00:17:43] Your world starts looking a little different and confidence. Isn’t. Based upon knowing it all because I’ll, I will say when it comes to money and finances, I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was needing 25 cents for a, for an order of fries that I didn’t have and started to figure out ways to make money.
[00:18:05] Um, it’s been a long time. Um, and the more that, you know, the more you realize that there’s so much, it’s, it’s a bit like the emotional world, the sexual world, the, the love relating world. They, they go on forever, but curiosity and, uh, can say like, what’s important to me right now for, for my wellbeing, financial energy for this workshop, I’m putting it in the context of things that you do that are to bring financial resource to you.
[00:18:44] For example, So your, you can use your financial energy. Like I am right now to do something that has the possibility of bringing money into me and my family. So that’s one way it can be around. Investment. Like, where do you put your energy? Perhaps it’s an education you all have invested in your time and energy in this.
[00:19:12] So like education related to finances is financial energy. You’re putting on that energy field. We’re gaging around money can also be investment in companies or your own business or anything like that. But it’s related to, to money and finances can be related to how you spend and like the systems you follow for how money flows into your world and how it flows out.
[00:19:40] So that’s financial energy. It takes a certain kind of state of being to do that. Um, and also like the same. For the future self. We talked about that in the last workshop. If you haven’t seen that one, I highly recommended it’s out on thriving now.co.center. Um, being aware that you exist now and you have needs now, and there’s a version of you that wants breakfast tomorrow probably, or at least some meal and a warm something, some clothes to wear, and that that person extends out into the future.
[00:20:19] And how will you say for yourself and the people that you know, that you also want to offer things for is also part of that financial energy. It’s, there’s a lot there. Isn’t there, you know, and, and, um, again, just as a reminder, I believe. And I’ll assert that humans, if they’re in their primitive brain are acting out of survival.
[00:20:50] If your primitive brain is there, but calm enough so that you feel like, uh, okay, I’m not in a media fight, flight, freeze, panic, um, despair. If you’re not in one of those kinds of modes, well, now you. A thousand options and you can, you can start opening to, and letting your intuition and your body guidance and other things be a party to it.
[00:21:24] If we’re in primitive brain survival, we make primitive brain survival kinds of decisions. Lots of evidence to that. I assert that that is true. Um, and I’ve been there. Um, uh, and the more that we recognize that we’re there and apply some skill, some active skill, like, oh, I need to call myself, I’m going to take a break.
[00:21:55] I’m going to build up some energy and we’ll look at it again differently. You can take a bank balance, try this sometime. If you tend to be toward some mode, bill arise or bank balance, look at it and then walk away. And just do three minutes of tapping around this energy of our call myself. And I’m just adding a little confidence to the mix and come back and look at it and notice if it looks different.
[00:22:27] I have looked at the exact same bank balance and had it seen like jet and possibility, like so different just from the state of me engaging with it. And I think it’s an amazing experience when you realize how much, um, these energies, these financial energies, your business, your work in the world, um, your future financially looks depending on your state of.
[00:23:01] Yeah, and I do. I think it’s also important to remember that our survival brain is generally not thinking longterm. It’s thinking about surviving this moment. Um, and so like our decisions may not be the best ones we can, like long-term and I have to do a little bit, I may reduce some happiness if you think Rick, but I had to forgive myself because a lot of me blamed myself.
[00:23:26] I did a lot of, I’ve done a lot of coaching and therapy and other things to help my classes, to help myself deal with trauma and get through stuff. And I spent money and time on that. And there was part of me that was like looking at what I should quote unquote have saved. Um, and I didn’t have that much savings I was doing.
[00:23:45] I was still saving some money, but I wasn’t saving what I thought I should. And I had to realize that I was doing the, I was doing the right thing for my overall wellbeing, but it just. Showing up in the bank account, if that makes sense. Yeah. Let’s do you want to that touches, it starts touching on the beliefs.
[00:24:04] So, um, with beliefs, if somebody else brings it up, like Kathy, just like this belief that I should have saved more, I shouldn’t have spent that. I shouldn’t be in debt. Um, notice there’s often a should or have to relate it to beliefs. Those are clues like belief coming. Um, and how would you state this belief?
[00:24:29] I should. I should have. Yeah, it’s just, I should have done it differently. I think there’s often a conflict between our younger self or present self and our future self, and there can be a number of future selves, a number of, you know, I have different aspects, different days and present. And then. Younger selves, like different parts, but like often I will be planning for the future, like the near future.
[00:24:54] And I’m like, I’m just going to be really strict with my money for a year. And that will really help me fix, you know, get some money saved. But really what I’m doing is I’m fighting with my future self and kind of depriving her of a balance. And I sometimes resent my younger self for what I spent money on.
[00:25:11] There were times when I was really distressed and I would order food in and I’m like, but that’s not in budget, but I really needed the comfort of someone bringing me something then. So like, I think it’s about balancing all our, our future, our current and our past selves and just having some compassion for the choices we made in the past.
[00:25:32] So karate, just checking in with your body, how intense does that feel to you? How much does it apply?
[00:25:41] Let’s do some tapping together. Karate chop, even though part of me is really resentful. And my younger self, even though part of me is really resentful to my younger self, past self is what I can call him. How could she spend so much money? How could you spend money like that? Why did you not save more?
[00:26:05] Why didn’t you save more? Why didn’t you make better decisions to make better decisions? Now I was struggling because you didn’t, you left me with a mess now I’m struggling because you didn’t leave me with enough. And I’m really angry at you. I’m really angry at you. Okay. Top of the head, I don’t know if it’s useful to be angry at.
[00:26:27] Uh, I don’t know if it’s useful to be angry at you, but I, I, bro I can feel and acknowledge that energy. I can feel an acknowledged that energy side of the eye. But what if I also noticed that you might’ve been doing the best you could, and I do notice that you were doing the best you could cause a phatic has.
[00:26:50] That feels right under the eye. You had limited knowledge,
[00:26:59] limited knowledge and serious needs under the nose. You’ve had a lot of emotions going on. I had a lot of emotions going on Chev and I do have the benefit of knowing how things worked out. And I do have the benefit of knowing how things worked out collarbone and that does make it easier to judge you make it easier to judge under there.
[00:27:22] What if I can send some compassion back to my past. What if I could send some compassion back to my past self, top of the head and let that part of me know, I know they did their best and what that part of me now. I see it differently now. Yeah. Just take a breath and see if just, even if it’s like a small breath of air cracking the door 1%, if it gives a little bit of ease, because I know when I’m in conflict with myself and there’s that anger, resentment blame, like, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t feel those feelings feel what you feel and tap through it.
[00:28:01] But like, if I can just see a little compassion, remember it, it’s very easy to judge ourselves. Based on our current knowledge, I do a lot of inner Tappy with younger selves and people are always like she should, or he shouldn’t ever, they should have known this. They were three, how would they know this?
[00:28:19] And, you know, it’s like very easy for us to put our adult minds and the younger self with all our experience. But in the moment, like five years from now, we might be looking back and going, why didn’t I invest in XYZ? Why, why didn’t I say like what we don’t, we don’t know. We can’t see the picture. And that future self is like, yes, of course.
[00:28:40] That was obvious because they’ve been through it, even though it was obvious, even though it was obvious, I didn’t, I, why didn’t I, everything would be fine now. Everything would be fine. Now my problems will be over. All I problems will be over. Why didn’t I, why didn’t that? Oh, go ahead. Why didn’t I, why didn’t I eyebrow?
[00:29:02] Yeah. Why I didn’t. I, why didn’t I, I was I scared? Was I scared? I was, I unclear, unclear. Did it not fit my profile? Does it not fit my profile? Was I frozen? Was I frozen? Could I not handle a loss? Can I not handle a loss? Getting it wrong, getting it wrong. In retrospect, it seems so clear. In retrospect, it seems so clear.
[00:29:32] I just need my time machine to go back and invest. Just need my time. And she had to go back and invest or not invest or not invest.
[00:29:44] Yeah. So notice what we’re doing. We’re tapping on some general themes. For you, you might be flashing to very specific events. So my flashes are two situations which feel familiar to me. They don’t have a lot of intensity because I’ve tapped on them before. And it doesn’t mean that they’re still not markers that hold the energy of I should have, or I shouldn’t have, I like, Kathy’s talking about resentment toward my, my past self.
[00:30:27] Um, These past markers can be like that. It can also be the person that was last year or last month or last week. Oh, I should have. When you notice something like that. And I think with money and financial energy, it is virtually impossible for most sensitive people to go through life and not have realized that something passed through as a yes, that I didn’t take advantage of something passed through as a, this is going to be big and I’m not ready to go there yet.
[00:31:07] Or this is something I really shouldn’t have, but damn, if. If this works out, I’ll, I’ll, won’t hate myself so much, you know, um, whatever it is like to go through life means that we collect some of those. If we’re going to be confident with our financial energy, I don’t think it can come from being dishonest with ourselves when the emotion comes up.
[00:31:34] I can’t believe it. I, I knew Tesla was going to be big. Right. I got. I knew also that it was very high risk. And at the time, um, when I became aware of, uh, it wasn’t a yes for me. So I cheerleaded, it, I didn’t invest in it. It was not the place where my energy, my financial energy did not belong. Riding those initial waves and crashes and Tesla valuation, same with Amazon.
[00:32:07] Um, and. So like, you can be aware of things, but if we, if we, if we address them and instead of flinching from how much energy we might have toward our past self that we release, some of it acknowledge it with truth. Like that’s what I love about. One of the things I love about tapping is I can be truthful.
[00:32:32] Like I can’t believe I did that. I can’t believe I did that. Actually. I can’t believe I did that. I remember how I was back then. I was really worried about paying the rent. I didn’t have $300 to put it there. I didn’t feel I did. I actually did though. Damn. I can’t believe I didn’t see that I was more free than I was, and I didn’t.
[00:32:57] And it’s okay today. I want to use my financial and energy in ways that are right for me.
[00:33:07] I think that the fact often, if we’re feeling overwhelmed or scared or uncertain, we want to keep a certain amount of resources. Yeah, it’s really common that survival brain wants to do that. So as we’re uncertain, we will, we’ll try to keep more. Like we might keep a little more food in the pantry or a few more pounds on our body, or we want to keep some money close to us.
[00:33:30] We want to keep those, we love close to us because we don’t know what the risks are. We don’t know what we’re going to have to face. So it’s hard to invest in Tesla when you’re like, but I don’t know if I’m going to need this to get me through tomorrow. Like if it’s, if I give it to this, I love investing because I love the concept of my money, helping us, someone else build something beautiful.
[00:33:52] Um, that’s something I really believe in. Um, but it also, there’s part of me. That’s like, I need to make sure I have enough and I feel secure in where I am before I can worry about risking someone else to do a good job with my money and getting it back to me with hopefully some, you know, a little bit of bonus.
[00:34:10] Um, so just, if you’re, if you’re struggling around investing, just try to tune in and notice where your, your survival brain is around this. Is it feeling like it’s not safe enough to do this? And then I like to bring in my cognitive brain and go, okay. How can I help my survival brain feel a little safer so I can make logical decisions?
[00:34:31] I have some good friends that are always petrified. There were some people dear to me, always talk big, talk about how they’re broke all the time. I help them with their financials. They have quite a bit of money. They’re actually quite affluent, but they live and act as if they’re destitute and going to be kicked out on the street tomorrow.
[00:34:51] They’re not having abundance, even though they have actually what most people consider financial abundance. They’re not actually having to worry about money probably for the rest of their lives, but they’re really scared in anything like inflation or gas prices triggers that fear so badly to the point where.
[00:35:10] One of them doesn’t travel, like ver goes on a road trip, like for 20 miles or 30 miles once a week. And they are like panicking about the gas prices. And I had, I did the math there. I mean, your car gets 30 miles a gallon. Okay. So that’s 30. So let’s say you go 30 miles out in 30 miles back. That’s $2 more a week.
[00:35:31] I know your finances. I know you can handle it. And there’s just like, oh no, it’s so awful. We’re not going to be able to leave the house. So like, we want to make sure we’re balancing that survival brain fear, even though I’ve been in survival brain fear, even though I have been in survival brain fear, and I feel a little uncomfortable hearing Kathy talk like this, and I feel a little comfortable talking Kathy tactic.
[00:36:00] Uh, I want to find the balance that’s right for me. I want to find a balance. That’s right. For me. Popping the head. I do want to keep resources close. I do want to keep resources close brow, and I don’t want to be so panicked and I don’t want to be so panicked. That’s not thriving. That’s not thriving under the eye.
[00:36:21] And neither is pretending and neither is pretending I want to be real and thriving. I want to be real and thriving. What would that be like? What would that be like? Hold on. How would I use my financial energy that way? How would I use my financial energy? That way?
[00:36:41] That would be interesting. Be interesting.
[00:36:49] So Kathy mentioned that finding a buddy who can help you. Co-regulate and you can maintain privacy. They don’t need to know your business sometimes. Like Kathy’s amazing with helping people that are really in that kind of rigid state, um, to, to get to the place where they’re not falling off the cliff, um, emotionally, um, and you know, both of us want more thriving, which is why we appreciate that.
[00:37:28] You’re showing up and you’re tapping with us because I believe that that there’s a lot of noise with finances about what does it take to be like thriving.
[00:37:43] When I bring that up, what does it take to be thriving financially? Do you immediately go to a number?
[00:37:55] Because I’m, I’m going to invite the possibility that, that financial energy as a facilitator, not an, not a static number. And that I share that from my own experience, that when I thought financial like safety and freedom was a number that, that was. Devastating to my sense of thriving. Um, no matter how much I had in the bank, it actually magnified that sense of terror, where it went from uncomfortable to, I got to solve this to okay.
[00:38:37] We’re getting there and oh, okay. And then it w there actually escalated up into a kind of chronic terror worry. Um, emotionally lifeforce wise, financial energy is one of our energies that we have. We have love energy. We have creativity, we have, harvestry the things that matter to us. And sometimes we channel that in ways related to money.
[00:39:02] And so like, what’s your movement around money.
[00:39:13] Let me crawl under the desk. Like I, I like that’s a movement. So energy emotion is energy in motion. So financial energy is financial energy in motion. What is your movement? And how can we find a dance that feels like thriving to you? Which, for example, um, if any of my financial energy is coded with generosity at all.
[00:39:44] Okay. That’s, that’s catnip for me. That’s my inner cat loves that. Um, I, I. It’s it’s frosting. It’s something that makes any financial energy. Um, just, ah, it’s a fragrance. It’s a feel. It’s a texture as a taste. It hits all of my senses and I believe a generosity. It doesn’t have a dollar on it. It doesn’t have a dollar sign on it.
[00:40:25] I, I know that I’m an energetically sensitive person and when people are generous with me, I know that the energy comes in very uniquely crafted from other people. And I feel it it’s like, thank you. That’s weird because it’s not necessarily tied to $50 or $7 and 11 cents. I picked $7 and 11 cents because that’s our emotional freedom day, July 11th.
[00:40:57] It’s a number that means a lot to me. Um, it’s kind of the start of my freedom path in a powerful way. Um, so these are things that we can do, um, that. Help tune our financial energy is to take the attention off of not completely off of, because it’s mathematical it’s money it’s, um, and bring in the emotional crafting, um, You know, like, oh, how would I like to be with the money that I’m, I’m earning the money that’s flowing through?
[00:41:41] What’s the posture that I want to take. It can be, it can be strong and upright. It can be fluid, it can be jujitsu, whatever it is for you. And it can change too. Um, yeah, I think that’s beautiful. And I love the idea of someone wrote the feeling of enoughness, which to me is a sense of generosity from me universe to me.
[00:42:08] Um, I feel if I have enough, I can kind of relax into that. So I often like to compare money in oxygen because a lot of people have the same. Like it’s a parallel, I need oxygen debris. We all do. And I’m trusting the universe to bring me enough oxygen. Most of the time there are places I can, I can put myself in situations where it might be hard to get oxygen.
[00:42:33] There are situations that I might not put myself in that just might happen, or it could not have oxygen, but so far in my life, I’ve pretty much always had enough oxygen. And what if we can, like that sense of like, if I’m sitting here worried about enough oxygen, I’m like all of a sudden it’s hard to let it in.
[00:42:51] And it’s stressful and worrisome and money. And our culture is not quite as easy as that, but I think the universe does want us to have generosity. It does want us to feel supported and enough. Um, so I think that if we can just learn to relax, uh, like teach our nervous system to not be so reactive, we often find new ways to feel enoughness around abundance and it might be.
[00:43:20] Okay. Th like, you know, a lot of people are worried about gas prices and people are driving long ways. Maybe we have to look for other solutions, maybe it’s Hey boss, the gas prices are so high. I’d like to work from home one day a week to help offset that, which might be delightful. Like maybe there’s a win-win in that.
[00:43:37] And you can use that as an excuse, or maybe you meet someone really cool that you could carpool with. Um, you know, there is the, there’s a fact that the gas prices are going up and some people aren’t fixed incomes or like, it might seem scary, but if we can call them and not be reactive to it, sometimes we find solutions that are like, Wow.
[00:43:59] I’m so glad the gas prices went up because now I have this new solution. That’s so much better for me, so we can tap on our fears. We can tap on the pain when it w like, if something doesn’t work out, but we can also often find amazing solutions when we’re not, as Rick was doing before, like kind of flailing around and trying to get away from it.
[00:44:23] So, as Kathy was talking, you know, she’s inviting an attitude and an energy, what are yes. Buts. Um, so like, what if, what if one of the kids gets hurt? Um, we can go deeper and deeper down rabbit holes till we haven’t covered it. Somehow. Always. What if I live to 205? Oh my God.
[00:44:50] Even though there are a lot of water, even though there are a lot of what ifs.
[00:45:02] I’d like to be calm and confident anyway, I’d like to be calm and confident. Anyway, in fact, what if happens if that, what if happens? It will draw on my, my calm, it will draw on my call and it will draw on my confidence. It will draw my confidence and my resilience and my resilience. That’s part of my financial energy.
[00:45:25] That’s part of my financial energy and I’m building my resource right now and I’m building my resource right now. Eyebrow that what if really draws on me that what if it doesn’t make me feel confident? It doesn’t make me feel confident under the eye. It depletes my calm, it depletes my calm.
[00:45:52] I’d like to put my energy elsewhere. I’d like to put my energy elsewhere.
[00:46:00] There’s always a, what if you can’t prepare for it, if you can’t prepare for it, that goes for every aspect that goes for every aspect of hold on. So what’s the real skill here. So let’s the real skill here. Maybe it’s to be surprisingly call maybe it’s to be a surprisingly calm. And present, present and competent with my energy and competent with her energy.
[00:46:30] Just a little bit more today, just a little bit more today, a little bit more tomorrow and a little bit more tomorrow compound interest for the wind.
[00:46:42] And I think it is important for us to like, kind of look at different possibilities. There is a power in that that, oh, I hadn’t thought of that. Maybe I can do X, Y, Z to prepare for it. It’s when we start getting into the point, oh, oh 1% things like it’s and just the things we can’t prepare for. Um, but it starts getting really, we start getting tangled and I just like you to notice that if your brain is super clever and super creative to come up with all these what ifs it’s also, if it’s in a calm resource state, it’s very clever coming up with solutions to.
[00:47:19] So, you know, the very brave that’s causing you, the worry once we calm it down and get it. So it’s not flailing around looking for what, if a skunk gets in the car and I crash on the freeway and I hit the president’s motorcade, and then I’m on nationals. Like my brain will be that it goes like, it was like, okay, well, let’s not very likely we can look for skunks in the car, but they don’t usually like to ride in the car.
[00:47:42] Um, and like, okay, how can I use my brain for better uses? How can I call myself? And if you’re having a lot of fear, thoughts, just realize your brain probably feels insecure. You do some gentle breathing and some tapping. Yeah, I get that. You’re you’re afraid, but we really aren’t taking care of things.
[00:47:59] We’re doing the practical things that need to have. Um, I’m reminded that, um, I just want to bring up if I’m preparing for catastrophe it, um, and, and I I’m that type of person I engineer around thing, like those things crop up, but where I’ve gone with them now is okay, what is this telling me that matters to me.
[00:48:25] Oh, okay. So what matters to me is to be a resource for my family’s wellbeing. And that includes yeah. In times of crisis or survival, but it also includes times of thriving. Right? So. Like I’ve, I direct some, I direct financial energy around what matters to me and to what’s called, I call a family freedom fund.
[00:48:52] Now that’s very different energetically for me because it means that, yeah, it’s certainly one of the resources I would tap if one of my children needed something, um, that there’s no way that I could foresee or would want to foresee or spend a lot of time thinking about. But also, like let’s say that a gift rises not just about survival, but what if a gift rises in me or one of my children or my partner and I, we want to be free enough.
[00:49:23] So like that resource can be something that is a resource, a financial energy resource that you start crafting. And when you get those feelings, yes. Feeling you calm yourself. So it’s not based upon fear as much as clarity. I’m really clear my future children, my, my, my children or my, my kin, um, the people I care about, including myself, uh, matter to me.
[00:49:54] So I want to start channeling some more energy if it was zero or even 1% of your inflow being channeled into a freedom fund can make a difference. If and so like, that’s, I believe one of the things that emotional work gives us is some harvestry with our energy. That is not just based upon a number of.
[00:50:20] Because, like Kathy said, I have worked with people whose number is really high, but their sense of thriving is well below people who have one, 1000 or less of what they have. So I love financial energy and we’re crafting it. We’re using it in ways that are more conscious. Well, what is this saying? It matters.
[00:50:49] Where can I, where can I flow it in a way that calms, calms the sense of like it’s asking for more and builds that sense of confidence of resource. And I’m not saying I actually have a number, but I don’t. I try not to hold it as what I get there. I will be safe. That’s a number that I’m aiming for before I retire, because it meets some of the criteria I want.
[00:51:17] I want abundance to be able to take a Dera. His is beautiful and, and Emerald, I want to take them out to ventures. They’re coming here in August. I’m planning to aquarium trip and I’m trying to find pony rides. And like, I want to be able to do things with them. So like, not have to worry about that. So we’re not saying never have a number, but some people have a number and they hold onto it.
[00:51:38] Like, it’s the magic thing that will make us feel safe. And if you’re not feeling safe on the way there, you’re probably not going to feel this safer. Yeah. Even though part of me believes I can’t feel safe, even though part of me feels I can’t feel safe until I get this number until I get the stepper or this gets dealt with, or this gets dealt with, or that gets dealt with, or that gets dealt with, or I never have to deal with this ever again.
[00:52:05] Never have to deal with this ever again. Oh, that wasn’t touched with under. I accept where I am and how I feel. I’m in the process of shifting my financial attitudes. I’m in the process of shifting my FA my financial attitude. I want to feel thriving. I want to feel thriving and certainly a bit more calm and certainly a bit more comms, a bit more confidence would be great.
[00:52:37] A bit more confidence would be great under the eye, but I’m not sure. I’m not sure there’s a lot of uncertainty here. There is a lot of uncertainty here, Jim, and that’s okay. And that’s okay. Hold on. The uncertainty is really human. The uncertainty is really human. Sadly. I am not delusional enough, sadly.
[00:53:02] I’m not delusional. I think I’m in control to think of it as much as I’d like to be as much as I’d like to be. That doesn’t mean I can’t influence my energy. That doesn’t mean I can’t influence my energy and where it goes, I guess.
[00:53:21] And we, we don’t have control of the financial markets or inflation, but we can take certain actions. So I like the fact, like I, when I work with people, I often recommend even if they haven’t saved any money towards an emergency fund or whatever, if they can just save 1% of their income or a very small fraction and then gradually increase that it can make a big difference.
[00:53:44] And even that little bit of money going to an into account, that’s only touched for financial freedom, or I have a, like, I work in a engineering field where things can be really volatile. I want that money for if things go volatile. So it just feels really good for me to have that. And often just the sense, oh, even if I can’t save $5,000 a month, I can save $5 a month or $50 a month and it starts, it can change our energy around it.
[00:54:12] So we don’t have control. But if we take action around things that we do have control over. And baby step our away, start teaching our system competence around something that can add our, that can add to our calm and our sense of, Hey, maybe I do have something I can do here. So, um, would you li lead us just on a quick tapping, then we’re going to take a seven minute break.
[00:54:37] Um, and like maybe there is something I can do here would be good for me heading into the break. Yeah. So take a nice deep breath credit, even though my survival brain wants to have total control around money, even though my survival brain wants to have total control around money and I don’t actually have control around everything around money and I actually don’t have control around everything around money.
[00:55:07] There are things I can do to help myself feel COVID. There are things I can do to help myself feel competent, even though I really want to do all or nothing, even though part of me wants to do all or nothing. Maybe they’re baby steps. I can take. They’re definitely baby steps. I can take it might feel really good.
[00:55:30] Might feel really good top of that. I have to get it all right. Right now I have to get it. All right. Right now I brought that’s part of my brain. That’s part of what my brain is thinking. Yeah. I mean, it’s part of my brains, primitive brains thinking and it makes me choke side of the eye. What if I just took a small step today?
[00:55:56] I am taking a small step under the eye. In fact, I’m tapping on it right now. I’m tapping on it right now under the nose and I can take practical steps. And I can take practical steps, 10 baby steps, collarbone things I can build on things that I can build on where like that feeling. Um, yeah, those positive actions can help increase my calm confidence.
[00:56:23] It was positive actions can help increase my call. Confirm top of the head. I don’t have to do it all today. I do not have to do it all today, but I can take a small step today. I can take a small step today. Just take a breath and notice how that feels. Sometimes we’re paying back and forth, like from one extreme to the other.
[00:56:46] I there’s, I have no control too. I have must have total control. That’s it’s neither side is actually true and it can stop us from, it takes a lot of energy, but it can stop us from doing anything versus if, okay, let me, I’m noticing the needle going back and forth, but I’m going to just take one small step.
[00:57:04] And for me that was like said I set aside, uh, automatic. When my payment comes in, my paycheck comes in automatically a certain percentage would go to another bank account where it’s not easy for me. Like I can get it if I need it, but it’s not easy for me to spend it and just have that kind of disappear into that safe net felt really good for me.
[00:57:25] Cause I felt like, oh, I’m doing something to help my future self if she needs that. So whatever your action is. For those of you that are watching the recording. Um, we invite you to take a break too. So I’m going to pause the recording now. Welcome back during our break, um, with some messages and some feedback, um, I’m aware of how tender this is.
[00:57:56] This really cuts because money is touches everything. It touches our health touches, our survival identity. So I’m wondering Kathy, whether you could lead us through a grounding visualization with tapping, um, to feel okay and present with what emotions are coming up. Yeah. So I invite you just to, or just coming back from break, kind of regather your energy here, as it feels safe for you notice where you’re sitting notice what, how your, your body feels supported and notice that you don’t have to put a lot of effort into it.
[00:58:42] Imagine the universe is just kind of cradling you in his hands. It’s what supporting your feet and your butt and maybe your back and just notice whatever clothing is touching you. Just notice that you didn’t probably didn’t create that clothing. It’s there. Someone else created it in the units universe brought it to you.
[00:59:03] And I like to sometimes imagine that it’s the way of the universe kind of hugging me when, when there’s not someone there and just take a slow, gentle breath. That feels good to you. And we just invite you to do a little tapping. If you’d like very gently. If you find your anxiety is coming up, I rec I recommend tapping slower.
[00:59:27] Sometimes when we’re anxious, we’ll tap harder and faster. And that can be very stimulating when I’m trying to go to sleep or trying to calm myself. Sometimes I’ll touch and breathe. And the point I’ll say the point, I’ll just touch it and say the, the phrase back, or I might just slowly, gently tap is if that I’m comforting myself, massage the points, something a little different.
[00:59:50] Yeah. I sometimes imagine I’m a padding, a small scared kitten. It’s like it’s okay. Slow, gentle tops. So karate chop, even though this topic is really stressful.
[01:00:06] I appreciate myself for facing this. I appreciate myself, even though I can feel quite a bit of anxiety. Even though I can feel quite a bit of anxiety. No wonder I’ve avoided this topic. No wonder I’ve avoided this topic and I’m so grateful. I’m willing to take a peak at it right now. I’m so grateful. I’m willing to take a peak at it right now.
[01:00:35] Top of the head, again, you can just tap or you can hold whichever feels good are gentle pats. I’m feeling quite a bit of anxiety, traveling quite a bit of anxiety. Eyebrow. My poor body has been having to hold onto this my entire life. Oh, my poor body has had to hold on to this, my entire life side of the eye.
[01:00:58] And right now I’m facing it with support. And right now I’m facing it with support under the eye that will give my body a lot of ease.
[01:01:11] A lot of youth under the nose. It doesn’t feel like it right this minute.
[01:01:19] But in the long run, I’m processing out this fear and in the long run, I am processing out these fears. Collarbone. I honor my courageous heart. I honor my courageous heart under the arm. I love my caring brain. I love my caring brain top of the head, and I celebrate my resilient body. I celebrate my resilient body.
[01:01:48] This is going to be okay. It’s going to be okay. And if you want to put your hand on your heart and take it just to nice, slow, deep breath.
[01:02:03] One of the things we encourage you to do is we facing our feelings facing our fears is really important. They don’t go away without being noticed and honored. In my experience. One of the things we talk about with tapping is we start with where we are and then we go to where we would like to go. Um, but we don’t have to just like with money.
[01:02:25] We don’t have to do it all at once. We can do the, I’m going to put one first time. And for right now and build up the muscles of feeling these feelings, all of us have old traumas, old experiences or no role modeling at all from our parents on how to face feelings and just kind of like commerce selves.
[01:02:44] And so the muscles we’re building on do these small exercises. They’re priceless. I wish we taught them to small children. I see Rick and Jen with her Dera and she’s learning those. And I’m like, oh, I wish someone taught me when I was 15 months. And I had to learn them in my thirties, forties, fifties, the fact that you’re here learning them, please know there’s millions, billions of people that will never even have the concept of this.
[01:03:11] You are what you’re doing for yourself. Whatever brought you here. It’s, it’s a, there’s a grace and an asking in you that brought you here. And the fact that you’re doing this really tough work, it. For me, it’s, it’s been the other side of it is just so beautiful and so empowered and there’s rough days just like anytime, but there’s a sense that I can handle it.
[01:03:35] I can get to the other side, um, and just a whole bunch of new possibilities and you’re giving that salt that to yourself. So I just really, if you can just appreciate if I’m feeling this anxiety, it’s actually been there, I’ve just learned to kind of probably numb it out. Um, but it’s stressing your body this whole time and now you’re like, okay, I’m going to just peak at it clear a little bit, and I can put it aside and peek at it clear a little bit, put it aside and you really are building up muscles.
[01:04:07] So each time you can, you can feel a little bit more clear, a little bit faster. You’re teaching your system how to clear this. And that once your system knows that that’s yours for the rest of your life for all the decades in front of you, you will have this, oh, this is a feeling. It feels awful, but I know how to process it.
[01:04:26] I, my system has the muscles and the neural pathways to deal with this. So it’s so worth it. And I just, I know this is really tough. I have been there. Um, would you like to invite her fight to see if the new one wants to follow? Yeah, it was see some really great requests in the chat. If anyone would like to step forward and do some tapping with us, we would love that if not, we’ll do some tapping of the things in the chat, but if you’d like to tap with us, please raise your hand.
[01:04:56] Um, reactions, the video or under.dot dot on phones and pads. Star nine. Telephone. I see a hand here. Um, guess I do. Okay. I’m going to go ahead and ask you to unmute.
[01:05:16] Great.
[01:05:20] Hi Alexandra. Hi. Thank you. Thank you.
[01:05:35] the healing has begun. So please. I love that. Thank you so much for sharing Alexandra.
[01:05:51] Yeah, you’re you’re breaking up. I, I heard the gratitude, but yeah, I’m going to go ahead and mutual. I’m so sorry, Alexandra. You’re breaking up so badly than me. I’m trying. Yeah. Okay. Thank you. Yeah, unfortunately we can’t hear you. We can’t hear you.
[01:06:16] Yeah. Okay. So we go, um, I’m sorry. I would love to work with you, Alexandra. Unfortunately, connection is not good enough. Um, Rick, do you wanna,
[01:06:30] I w I wonder if you’d like to unmute,
[01:06:36] can you hear me? I can’t, I’m always amazed at my computer. You can actually hear me with my lid closed on my computer.
[01:06:52] So I was just like amazed that I have so much general anxiety about this. I didn’t even realize I had it. I was doing my taxes right before this. And then I actually just started crying when we, when we came back and I realized that, so I’ve been disabled for over 20 years and I’m on disability and I work part time and I realized I have to go back to work at it, even if it kills me because.
[01:07:28] The amount of money you’re allowed to earn on disability is so little. And I live in an area where the rent went up 40% last year. And, uh, my rent only went up 10%, but there were times last year where, you know, I didn’t have enough money for food and I’m, you know, it just I’m like terrified and you know, like I’m doing okay right now.
[01:08:00] But I’m just terrified. And it really is a case of like, I, I have to try to go back to work and it could, I, you know, could really kill me. I just don’t know. And I don’t have any, like, I don’t really know what my options are aside from that. And, uh, so I also feel really stupid about investing too, because I feel like in 2000, if you’re worried about is, is, is like a thing right now.
[01:08:43] Yeah. So just to be clear, if you’re worried about money for food, you should not be investing. You just take care of basic needs first. And I do want to just honor the. Are at least in the U S our government is not good at supporting people that are on disability. I mean, I’m in my sixties and I have savings and I need it for like, when, you know, when I’m old.
[01:09:07] So I put it, but it’s not a lot. And I took it out of the stock market. Cause I thought everything was going to in 2020. And now I feel like stupid because by now it was crazy. So that was my, my thing about, okay. Okay. So let’s just deal with, where are you feeling? The terror in your body in? It’s really in my, in my heart.
[01:09:33] It’s in my upper chest. Okay. And can you just put your hand on your chest and ask it what it’s terrified? Just see if there’s a short phrase or something that’s really triggered by.
[01:09:53] I’m just terrified of being old and alone. Okay. Karate chop, even though I’m really terrified, I’m really terrified. And I feel that in my chest, I feel that on my chest, in this moment, I’m actually okay. In this moment, I’m asking you. Okay. Even though I’m terrified, terrified, I feel that terror in my body, I feel a terrible turn my body.
[01:10:22] And I’m very worried about the future. I’m so worried about the future. I do not want to be alone and old. I don’t want to be old and alone right. This minute. I’m not alone. Right. This minute, I’m not alone. And I’m actually okay. And I’m actually, okay. I feel all this terror. You feel this terror? I wrote, Hey, survival brain, Hey, survival brain.
[01:10:50] I actually understand what you’re scared of
[01:10:56] side of the eye. And I’m paying attention, paying attention under the eye. The fear is not good for my body. The fear’s not good for my body under the nose. All the stress is not good for my body. All the stress is not good for my body. And I noticed that in this very moment, in this very moment, Halliburton, I’m not alone with this issue
[01:11:27] under the arm. There’s a bunch of people tapping with. There’s a bunch of people tapping that it’s kind of silly.
[01:11:38] I wrote edit can help calm me down. You can help calm me down side of the eye, which is very good for my body, which is very good for under the eye. I am really worried. I’m really worried under the nose. And sometimes my only job might be to calm myself down. Sometimes my only job might be to call 10. I probably make better decisions.
[01:12:05] If I’m called, I probably make better decisions. If I’m calling collarbone and all that stress is hard on my body. All that stress is really hard on my body. Under the arm. I’m looking for unexpected and beautiful ways to move forward. I’m looking for unexpected and beautiful ways to move. Hey, universe, the universe, please bring me my delightful generosity.
[01:12:36] Please bring me delightful generosity and ease any use and just take a gentle breath.
[01:12:48] How was your body feeling right this minute? See if you can stay in this present moment with us, I’m like really hot. Okay. I believe you to move down to my stomach. Okay. I’m feeling. And now I just feel I’m feeling stupid for letting myself get so worked up about this again, like I thought I was over feeling like this.
[01:13:15] I thought I got new over feeling so stressed out about this. Let’s tap around on that. Cause I don’t know about you, but I have fingers pointing back to me on this one. Karate chop, even though I feel really stupid, even though I feel really stupid. I thought I was done with this, but I was done with this.
[01:13:37] I thought I’d fixed this. I thought I was. I thought I fixed this and here I am again, here I am. Again. Maybe it’s time to practice my compassion muscle. Maybe it’s time to prep. Practice. My compassion puppet said, I don’t want to, I don’t want to. I brought, I thought I’d fix this. Fix this. None of the I here I have again.
[01:14:01] There I am again, under the, I guess I’ll be here as many times as I need to heal this. I guess there’ll be here many times. I need to heal this under the nails. What if I’m being drawn back to heal unresolved issues, I’m being dragged back to heal and resolve issues. Tim, my body wants to heal. My body wants to heal collarbone my heart and mind want to heal my heart and mind, want to heal under the arm.
[01:14:30] There only as many tears as there are. There’s only as many tears as are top of the head. And if I’m back here, there’s still something to here. Come back here, just take a breath and notice how that feels to you.
[01:14:58] Where’s your anxiety or what thoughts are going on.
[01:15:05] Realized that a lot of just like a lot of things are just coming back. My mother died like three months ago and a lot of the oldest stuff is coming down to feeling just really alone that I was just, I came across a check from my mother and it was like, oh, I’m never going to get another gift from my mother.
[01:15:35] You know, I’m, I’m that much more alone. I feel like there’s a lot of things. You just coming down to that now, too, Wendy. I so appreciate you bringing that up and sharing that intense grief, big changes in our lives can really bring up our sense of insecurity. And so I’d love to just do a quick, I know Rick wants to talk for a couple of minutes about that, but I’d love to do one more.
[01:16:00] Tapping with everyone just to invite slides that the universe loves you. Is that okay with you? Yeah. Thanks. Karate chop. Hey universe. These are kind of tough right now. Things are really tough. I have a lot of grief, a lot of fear, a lot of fear. And I know that you love me and I know that you love, but I’d like lots and lots of proof.
[01:16:29] Please, please. Top of the head, could you send me lots of abundance to send me lots of abundance? I row. Could you show me that you love me in lots of ways? Do you show me that you love me and I can be pretty, um, on observing. Sometimes I can be pretty unobservant at times under the eye. I’d really like you to send me gifts that I will really know.
[01:16:59] I’d really like you to send me some gifts that I really would know under the nose, that perfect parking spot, that perfect parking spot, the sun on my face, on my face. How about different things that remind me that I’m loud, different things that remind me that I’m under the arm, big and small, big and small top of that.
[01:17:23] I need a lot of this right now. I need a lot of this right now. Please help me notice what you send me. Please. Help me notice what you send me. Please send me a lot. And please send me and just take a deep breath. And I invite you to just be a little bit aware. I’m I sometimes ask for neon flashing signs, cause I can just be totally like Lottie Don not noticed, but I do find that when I asked for that often I will get lots of little things that make my heart feel warm.
[01:17:54] Tell me, remember that I’m not alone. Um, and when you’re going through a lot, something like this with your mom, just passing disability inflation, a lot of times our number one goal is just to bring us back to somewhat calm, to calm the fear because we don’t make great decisions from that fear. Um, so the more you can practice that muscle and get supported the center, um, and on, on different calls, I think that will really help you.
[01:18:21] And I so appreciate you bringing this. Thank you so much for that felt so sweet to do that ass. That would never think of doing that. Wonderful. Thanks so much, Wendy. I’m going to go ahead and meet you.
[01:18:40] We’re coming to the close of our a lot of time, which is beautiful and right. And thank you, Kathy, for that sweetness. Um, we do engage around these subjects. Um, Including, like all the things that, like I’ve said a number of times, and I’ve said it because it’s a bit of a mantra for me, money touches everything and it’s okay.
[01:19:10] I believe that as we change our energy, the touch of money in our lives can have a different complexion. Um, even especially the things that money doesn’t necessarily touch directly like the sun in our face. And there’s other things of kindness that we can give to one another thriving. Now that center the replay link.
[01:19:35] Um, if you’re, if you’re watching, we invite your questions, comments, ahas, shared wisdom, your story. Um, your requests for support. Um, they matter to us, they matter as a community
[01:19:55] and that’s the place, our community center, um, there’s circle calls, uh, six a month at different times zones and days. And the like, and we keep that affordable in generous to thriving. now.com/circle is where you can learn more about that. If you look at the email I sent about debt debt as a part of this, you know, this dynamic, but that we’ve touched on the things that matter, that if you are actively calming yourself and actively opening up to things that would give you some confidence about your life, about your connection, please know that you’re part of a community and a circle of people that, um, approaching it this way matters.
[01:20:50] Um, that we’re looking for ways of being around with our own financial creativity and our own financial needs that serve us and the people that are dear to us. Um, and the people that we connect with in service to make money, um, and to, to give money in return for those services, our emotional energy does matter.
[01:21:14] So if we can bring some kindness, compassion and the grace that comes with just a little bit more calm, just all a little bit more confident, um, that does, that does echo and ripple out to, um, our connected community and the world. Yes. I love that. Thank you all for your courage and your joy and generosity today.
[01:21:41] All right. Our email’s open to support a thriving now.com comes to both Kathy and I. So thanks and bye for now.

We covered…

  • Calming our anxiety and worry takes us from primitive brain survival mode into a place where we’re more resourced and creative.
  • Financial energy is energy we use to be of service for money, to buy products and services for money, to save for our future self’s thriving, and to invest in what matters to us.
  • Beliefs about money often show up with should or shouldn’t have or have to’s. Pay attention to those and use those as doorways to tap.
  • We can resent our past self for not tending better to our needs as they are showing up now. Of course, back then we had other needs and resources and awarenesses. Tapping to help express those energies honestly without being destructive to our self-imagine.
  • When we practice calming and confidencing around ALL the aspects of money, we build resilience that compounds over time.
  • The closer we are to actual survival threats, the more crucial the calming process is! Once a bit calmer, we can ask for and be open to the universe bringing us energy and support – both in love and money.

Resources Mentioned

  1. Free EFT Tapping Guide

  2. Thriving Now Emotional Freedom Circle

Great to have you on this journey with us!

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