Fear of missing out

Hi, Rick.

I have been struggling with FOMO for a long time.

It’s especially hard because I feel like my pain is pushing me all the time, to get better, I feel like I have to take every opportunity, if I miss this info (summit) I may not get crucial information on improving my life physically and emotionally. At the same time I am very aware of my capacities to process and digest information. That is why it’s such a big dealt for me.

Pain is a great teacher, it not only pushes me, it also makes me stop and take a break, be kind and gentle with myself. It’s given me the realization that I can hate it and be grateful for it .


PAUSE AND GET CLARITY, it’s a great suggestion.

It’s also very hard to get clarity when connecting to the body is so challenging.


It is. So challenging. We’re not specifically raised to be in touch with our body. Indeed, if your upbringing was western and not in nature and natural, the challenge is amplified by being taught specifically NOT to listen and follow your body wisdom.

Your pain levels add additional amplification on all that, right?

It’s why I consistently honor your courage, to keep walking this path, to invite support while also knowing so much of it is the walk “alone” with self and Source.

To me FOMO has some intelligence, and there’s also a delusion. FOMO says that if I don’t listen/learn/attend/watch THIS then it will be gone forever. Fortunately, we’re in a place where sharing of wisdom and approaches is generous and easily available. I put my spin on things, but there’s nothing essential I teach as a coach that isn’t available through many thousands of other channels.

That gives me comfort.

Perhaps it can help with the FOMO, too?

I actually do not believe or sense that for any healing that there is only ONE way. It feels to me there are many.

How does it feel to your deeper wisdom self?


When I was a child my sleeping (problems) started, I always felt that I would miss out on something when I went to sleep . I figured this was the onset of sleeping issues for me. So I still have the worse issues when it comes to sleeping and I realize I don’t give a dam about what I’m missing. Now I work on sleeping.

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Did you ever go through the Sleep Now program? I like it because it tunes us to when we were a child and brings a kind of re-parenting to the process…

Have you tried tapping (inner tapping) with your inner child around not missing anything?

Great to have you with us, Wendy!

Thanks Rick I will get this during the week.

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