Fear of making the "wrong " decision

Decision making has never been easy for me, especially for the last few ears when dealing with depression has been my everyday struggle.

For the last few months I have been faced with a new challenge, which will impact my life in a big way, I started my research and asked myself many questions, Why has it been so challenging for me right now?

I always believe that is a “right” decision and “wrong” one. Maybe it’s not right or wrong, maybe in choice 1 I will learn a,b,c and in choice 2 I learn x,y,z. We all have our preferences, what worked for someone else may not be a good fit for me.

I am also recognizing that trying to figure out life in my head and predict the outcome is impossible, Maybe, I just need to commit to one small action in a day. Can I be gentle with myself like I am a baby that is learning to walk?

I am also recognizing that fear is trying to protect me, I am trying not to be angry at myself and putting pressure, knowing that will keep me more stuck. At this moment I am struggling and can I be kind and compassionate toward myself, and take a breath, and remind myself that I AM GOING TO BE OK, I HAVE MY OWN BACK.


Thank you for sharing that with us. I can feel the wisdom rising, wanting to be “confidenced” – by that I mean when we feel something that is our intimate truth that we can flow more energy to it.

“One small action a day.”

When I flow energy to that (confidence it), remind myself what makes the one small action matter to me, and then I take the action… and celebrate (pat pat on the back)… it’s a way of reminding my energy field that yes, I have my own back… Indeed.

Love to you!


I still spend far too much time doing this too. There’s a reason we have a head, no doubt…l mean I’m happy I have one… :slightly_smiling_face:…but I’m guessing it’s purpose is not to ‘live in it’…living a ‘virtual life’ of some kind. I’m practicing living life ‘in my body’ more and more…I find that can be scary and very uncertain and I’m guessing it is for you too Sasha as I am aware of some of your physical challenges which are much more intense and pervasive than mine. I learned to ‘escape into my head’ at a very early age as a way to protect myself from all the intense and conflicting emotions in my body (alcoholic mother/absent father)…and it’s been a long journey practicing how to trust my body and it’s sensations. It sucks to live as if your body is the enemy…that it is betraying you…that it doesn’t have your best interests in mind. That’s not an easy life.
I believe (and I mean I really believe in the sense that I just know it’s true) there is a way to have ‘all of us’ working in harmony and peace even when parts of us seem to be causing more than their share of problems and pain. We can still experience peace and harmony even when there is discomfort and pain I think.
Of the many blessings that I feel have come my way as a result of becoming part of our tapping community you are certainly one of the most obvious for me. I immediately was attracted to and uplifted by your inner beauty that shines unimpeded through your smile, your laugh, your eyes, your words and your pain and uncertainty. Thank you for the gift.


Thank you very much. I think we discover your strengths and our humanness when we go thru painful and traumatic experiences. Meeting supportive and caring people it’s definitely one of my blessings in life, which I am very grateful for.
One of my friend remind me of a prayer thank you, it’s definitely working.


I love the gentleness that you give yourself even at your trying times. Decision making is always challenging to me too, but showing that gentleness to yourself really would make all the difference to easing into overcoming the dilemma!


Thank you so much, I am also trying to fill myself up by being outside and taking photos, yesterday i went to a museum and visited my favorite painting of Rembrandt in Boston.
It reminds me that life is challenging and beautiful at the same time, It’s my choice where I put my attention and intention Love or fear.