Empathy outside our range and role

In the circle session the other day, a lot of us clearly are exploring how far our empathy is meant to extend.

This quote popped up today, and it reminds me to be humble. While I might have empathy superpowers, I can’t really get close to “walking in another’s shoes” who was born and lives in a profoundly different ecosystem.

Even with family members, as much as I seek to empathize with those close to me, I don’t really know what it is absolutely like for them.

I’m wondering how useful it is to even attempt to “stand in someone else’s shoes” right now.

Empathy gives me activation and information. It’s proven useful in opening up energy and willingness to engage for healing, support, co-regulation, and generous sharing.

But how much does it serve me if the activation is artificial, or beyond where my soul hands and heart can actually Serve?

And I don’t mean geographically, since our Circle shows me week after week that we can care and touch and support each other across all the timezones on the planet!

Perhaps it is divine filtering and deeper clarity that lets us know whether our attention and engagement are useful, good, and right? And to what depth?