Emotional Abundance - Our Inner Thriving

What is abundance? Is it where we stand in comparison to what others have… and what they can and can’t do?

If that is what “abundance” is then I will never have it. Such comparisons have never and will never feel “good” to me.

What will?! What does…?

These questions are forefront for me right now as I’ve been preparing to be a part of Carol Look’s new Emotional Abundance Coaching Series. (I’d love to have you join me.)

Emotional Freedom has been my focus for 20 years. I’ve considered abundance from different angles as well, but to be fair I’m still baffled by how most people see what is and what isn’t “abundance.”

Is an abundance of food having more food than I could ever (or should ever) eat?

Am I not abundant with money if there are things I want and need that I don’t feel ease buying? What if I have debts?

If my family rents our home (we do) in a world where home ownership is viewed as a marker of success, that means… WHAT?!?

Notice that none of these have anything to do with Who I Am. They are focused on the having… and status.

ugh. Makes my heart feel sick.

Carol choosing to refine her focus on Emotional Abundance is enlivening for me.

It’s taking me to sacred places within myself.

Within me, I can indeed find a sense of my actual good fortune. I can know how I’ve crafted my essences through free choices (as well as navigating cultural weather, nourishing experiences, and traumas, too).

It’s in my inner emotional world where I can remember and glow with gratitude for who I am becoming and this precious Now.

And… it’s so intimate. It’s so tender.

What gives me a sense of grace and fills my soul might, well, be ridiculed by some and coveted by others. Indeed, I know aspects would. Humans do that.

Sometimes our fear of shining (and sharing who we are) has wisdom in it.

So how do we feel emotional abundance anyway?

Between now and the end of October, that’s going to be a focus for my own inner exploration.

I want to at least feel internally flush with love, gratitude, appreciation, and good fortune – regardless of what’s “out there.”

Does this matter to you, too? Joining me for Carol’s Emotional Abundance Series could be a potent way to feel connected and supported in this.

The 6 live coaching sessions (which will be recorded) start in one month. The inner work has already started .

Thanks for exploring this with me. I welcome your wisdom and intentions, and do let me know if you’re choosing to explore emotional abundance, too, during this time.

Join me for Emotional Abundance… with Carol Look

With gratitude,

Rick ~ ThrivingNow
Emotional Freedom Coach
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P.S. Adira says, “I appreciate that I can share my joy with you… even though what I seek is out of my reach… whee!”