Driving and "music"

When the song Autobahn by Kraftwerk came out in 1974 I remember being so enthralled. It was futuristic! This was before personal computers. I listened to this over and over wishing I could drive on the Autobahn. I used to love driving up and down I95 with the music blaring. It gave me a rush of some kind.
I’d forgotten Kraftwerk until I opened Austin Kleon’s email today. He talked about taking his kids to see Kraftwerk live. That got me searching You Tube. This is not the Autobahn but that’s ok. I enjoyed watching and listening. I hope you do too.


I really liked this! Never heard of Kraftwerk. It was fun to listen while I was puttering around in my living room, picking things up. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Yes @JulietK this is good picking up music. I might get a bit sidetracked though :wink: