Don't Settle for Just Feeling Fine


This song was playing at the dentist office waiting room as I read this post.

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Thank You! Its like you made this for me only…specially the Health Scale…


Sweet! I wrote this back in 2004 and recorded it then, too. I am finding it useful to myself to feel into the seeds of energy that birthed Thriving Now long ago. While I actually would not have written it this way now, it’s still useful for me… especially as I explore what blocks me from Allowing myself to feel better.

I’ve noticed as I explore adding more Eagerness to my world as activation energy, there are a lot of both suppressors and blocks. I mean, I knew there were, but sometimes knowing something and engaging there is quite different.

I’ll “argue” my way down scale, like “fine” is more “appropriate” than eager. Longing is more “appropriate” than actually enjoying.

Me human is weird. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow! This was made that long ago but it literally feels fresh!

Your language…your explainations…your guidance… are direct and at the same time require lot of between the lines understanding…but always there’s empathy n warmth!:slightly_smiling_face: