Doing Work That Matters to the Emotional Self

Tapping can help individuals find purpose, engage with emotions, and do meaningful work that aligns with their values, leading to satisfaction and fulfillment.

  • 00:00 :point_right: Support the work of the Peaceful Heart Network by visiting and learn how tapping has helped migrants, refugees, prisoners, and the underprivileged in over 30 countries.
  • 00:46 :key: Doing work that aligns with our emotional values and desires is crucial for emotional nourishment, and tapping can help us stay in a virtuous cycle of meaningful work, leading to satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • 04:35 :key: The speaker offers advice on finding purpose and engaging with emotions, emphasizing the importance of releasing pressure, incorporating creativity, and starting with curiosity to unlock new possibilities in life.
  • 10:11 :busts_in_silhouette: Tapping helps regulate emotions and access inner wisdom, allowing individuals to comfort themselves and do work that matters beyond survival, while being generous and facing fears in a different way.
  • 15:25 :busts_in_silhouette: Embrace fear, prioritize self-care, and do work that matters by tuning into ourselves, making choices aligned with our needs, and focusing on impactful moments rather than overwhelming millions.
  • 22:42 :key: To overcome the fear of criticism, practice in public and use tapping techniques to release fear; asking β€œWhat am I not ready for?” helps us realize our fears may not be as big as we think; fear, uncertainty, and doubt are natural, but seeking certainty can limit us.
  • 26:47 :key: It is important to do emotional work that matters to oneself and others, focusing on cultivating values and systems that promote freedom and consent.
  • 33:57 :star2: Focusing on what truly matters and embracing emotional freedom allows us to do work that is meaningful and liberating, bringing generosity, appreciation, eagerness, and peace into our lives.
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