Do You Want an Angel Message?

What would your angels want you to know? What would you like to know? Think about a question you’d like answered or a message you’d like from your angels. Then pick one of these face down angel cards. Left, middle, right card.

Of course you can choose all three and get an even deeper message. There are no rules. Just have fun. I usually pick a card a day using the app I have and email it to myself. Many days the message is exactly what I need to read. Or I will get a message of something to be aware of like how I might have treated someone or just to be aware of some negative thoughts I might be holding onto.

The first card on the left is number 3, the Empress in the Tarot decks. She is the creator, the mother. She’s holding her baby. Creation. Abundance. Action. This is a call to action card. "You have shown faith in your dreams, acquired the skills needed to attain them, and listened to the guidance of your angels. Now is the time to step out into the world and accomplish great things! " Or maybe you just want to get more creative or you might want to surround yourself with beauty or what beauty means to you.
The angels say, “We are watching you with immense pride and love! Have no fear, for we are helping you every step of the way.”

The middle card is the Eight of Water. Water is about emotions, feelings, intuitiveness, sensing.
I love the picture on this card. A person walking on a path and her guardian angel is ahead, leading the way and probably communicating with her intuitively. I often imagine my angels around me and use different meditations with the different archangels behind, beside or in front of me.
“You have been sensing that there is more to life than what you are experiencing and you are ready to go find the missing pieces. As you have grown emotionally and spiritually, that which previously kept your attention has lost its appeal. Now you are ready to take charge of your own life and move on to happier and more exciting experiences. It’s time to reclaim your own personal power. Your angels are proud of you for stepping up and doing what you know is right for you.”
The angels say, “We know that this may seem like a scary moment in your life. In your heart you probably know your choice is the absolute right one, but you still have apprehensions. Don’t worry. You are not on this path alone. We are with you, and we are excited for your future. Let’s go!”

I chose the right card, Six of Water. When I read "Memories. Childhood. Nostalgia I wondered how this applied to me. But when I opened the guidebook and read further I saw, “get in touch with your own inner child and allow yourself to indulge in simple play.” YES that’s my message. I do need to play more and it reminded me of our creative painting group last week.
Look at the image of the cups surrounding her. These cups are filled. What would you like your cups filled with?
More about this card is getting in touch with your inner child and healing from the past. Also happy memories from our childhoods. Rekindling old passions and the angels say they will help you with it if you ask.
The angels say, “Sometimes looking backward can point the way forward. It can remind you of old dreams you’d like to revive or parts of yourself you’d like to reclaim. Other times it can be an anchor that keeps you from sailing into unfamiliar waters and pursuing new horizons. We are always happy to help you rekindle old passions or let go of things that no longer serve you. Just ask.”

I hope you enjoyed your angel message. If you are reading this later the cards still apply, so pick your card and read your angel message.

The cards are Guardian Angel Messages Tarot by Radleigh Valentine.


Thank you. Middle was purrfect for me today.

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I chose the Empress…the creator, the mother…very timely for me. Thank you so much!


Middle for me, too! Thanks, Jean. :hugs: