Do Not Give Up Hope - You Are Loved

I was feeling kind of down, blah with no energy and less hopeful when I discovered this awesome video between Michael Sandler and Suzanne Giesemann talking about Russia and Ukraine. Their talk is so rich and she has a quick and easy chakra clearing at the end before her ten minute meditation that is fun and fast.
Suzanne and her husband were both in the Navy and she actually flew over the twin towers on 9/11 and saw it burning. So she has experienced real down-to-earth military stuff so she’s not just a woo woo person. Suzanne talks about how she and her husband are so different and he finally had to tell her, “Stop trying to change me!” I can certainly relate to that. She talked more about this and how to do it.
Michael and Suzanne talked about disconnect and fear. How fear can make people think they need more - more guns, more money, more protection, more wars, etc. It’s all external. They discuss flow and his-tory and how we are indoctrinated, how we can see other points of view and oh so much more.
I invite you to listen to this video and see if it speaks to you. I know it spoke to me on many levels. I also love the video because of the angel messages and how they don’t step in and change things for us. Instead they help us to see different ways to look at life, ideas and so much more. If you watch the video I would love to read what spoke to you, even if it is different than how it spoke to me.


These are things that interest me deeply…these aspects that are rarely incorporated into mainstream news…I will watch the video and share some thoughts.


You speak with great wisdom @Angelsloveyou. :wink: May not have the time to watch the video, but I enjoyed reading your short summary! <3