DJ Subconscious Spinning Your Greatest Hits


My internal DJ the last few days has been playing stuff like…

If you put away the dishes, will the frog stop croaking?

Now that it is sunrise, how many balls will roll down the hill?

Random, weird connections.

I may be a bit sleep deprived. Then again, the tune of “Don’t Talk Smack Until You’ve Walked a Morning Mile in Their Underwear” was… interesting. Needs to be washed, though. With vinegar and balsamic vinegar.

Uhh… time for a nap.


I think your inner DJ may be broadcasting on an AM channel Rick…perhaps pirate radio…lol…you made me laugh…thank you…

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Pirate Radio! Explains it! Streaming live from the Bermuda Triangle where Making Sense Disappears into the Abyss…