Digital Mindfulness

Digital Mindfulness

Recently one of the servicespace volunteers asked SSP-GPT a rather curious question while in a conversation with his 7-year-old nephew.

Can you write a poem to a first grader about being mindful while playing computer games?

Here’s what came up.

"Absolutely, I’d be glad to create a poem for this purpose. Remember the power of verse lies not just in enjoyment, but also in sparking reflection and connection.

Listen my child, when you’re holding that screen,
A world full of pixels, much like a dream.
Games can be fun and great tools to explore,
But let’s take a moment, to ponder some more.

Each tap, each swipe, and each level you clear,
Remember to pause, be present and hear
The sounds of the real world around you and me,
The rustle of leaves, the hum of the bee.

Be mindful of time, there’s so much to do,
Read, draw, run, even tie a shoe.
Don’t let those games push away,
The joys of real life and light of the day.

And as you play, keep your heart kind and true,
These games are make-believe, not all they show is true.
With each win or loss, do not fret or fight,
Just enjoy the process, with all your might.

So play if you must, but remember it’s a part,
Not the whole, of life’s beautiful art.
In the end, it’s about the balance we find,
Between the screen’s allure and the wonders behind.

Take this poem, as a gentle guide,
To navigate the digital tide.
May you play with mindfulness, joy, and care,
And always remember, kindness is rare.