Dealing with the Stress of Isolation

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How are you coping with isolation?

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Practicing being in the moment. This is a powerful time for me to practice mindfulness and presence.

When I get ahead of myself, hoping we can be out and about in June, my nervous system gets stressed and tries to be there. If I can instead be with the task I’m doing, and notice the things I do have (warm place to sit and type, quiet time to type, people to share with), I do much better.


As I’ve sat with this, I am realizing that at least recently (maybe with the final Acceptance that we’re not returning to things like dancing and group hugs soon), I am focusing some energy into changing my routines, integrating new activities.

While some of these, like my Morning Mile, do not necessarily “fulfill” my in-person time, it has extended my “territory” from the contracted place at home to extend a few miles along trails in different directions. The psychological benefit of not being so “contracted” into a home-only space has been really good for me.

And since it’s my territory, I’ve even “marked” it in a few places :laughing: - hey, way to get some of the pissed off feelings out, eh?


Not good, I live where there are all couples around me, which highlights my situation.

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Hi Joan, yeah that can be really tough! Other people getting their needs met when it can feel like we’re “outcast” from the “tribe” – hurts.

I so appreciate that you’re showing up here! Is there anything “virtual” that we could offer or invite you to that might help support you during this time? Emotionally, what are you most needing right now?

Hi Rick, I can identify with “pissed off” feeling. I am on my own all the time since my husband of 50 years died, but I try to keep busy, I now have a little kitten, which I can “play with” and talk to, sounds strange but it is a out let at times, I am reading that it is better for us if we can accept out feelings, and vent them, with EFT, so grateful I found that wonderful release with EFT. I would love other members to tell me who they deal with living alone. Love to all. Joan

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That’s some contextually appropriate primitive brain thinking IMO… :slight_smile:

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