Dancing for exercising

There are many ways to exercise. Walking, going to the gym, doing sit-ups, bicycling and more. None of that speaks to me. When I found Body Groove on TV it caught my eye.

Misty Tripoli, the founder uses dancing and different kinds of movement for exercise. I’ve always liked to dance until I let others stop me, (tap tap). So I signed up for a free trial and it was actually FUN, So I bought the program. I put the app on Roku and ipad. I’m starting out slow. Ten minutes maximum for a while.

Misty says we can follow our own ways to move. She just shows how she dances and moves. She wants movement/excercise to be fun, I like fun.

One other thing I like this is because I can dance/move alone or with my husband who also enjoys it. So it fits in my “me “ space or our “we” space.

Does this look like fun? Funky Walk


Sweet Jean! Here’s the link if anyone is interested:

The celebration of our bodies that comes through community dance has been so healing and nourishing for me. In times like now (end 2020) where community dance isn’t happening around me, being able to tap into the energy of people like she’s doing with Body Groove (and many other places) can make such a difference in feeling part of Dance Tribe.

I also love that you’re taking it at a pace that is right for you. 5 mins or 10 max really changes our energy. It sends a signal to our body… “Hey, I want to GROOOOOOOVE! Move it, shake it, feel it!” The impact on vitality can be significant, just by changing our trend.

Thanks for sharing, @Angelsloveyou!

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From @loritrudeau:

I’ve been doing these live classes for a couple months. They’re fun and very inclusive. My foot doesn’t work too well so I chair dance :dancer: most of it. You might like it.

I have never heard of Dance Church, Lori. It looks interesting and fun. It’s neat that there are many ways to get our exercises and have fun with it.

Thank you for sharing this with us and I hope you continue enjoying Dance Church.

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Our local “dance church” also has online dances currently 3x/month.

I miss going in person :frowning:


I just danced to another video that was fun. It was faster than the funky one and boy did I mess up. I didn’t worry about which foot to use or how fast I moved, or how high I lifted my arms, I GROOVED :dancer: I may not dance every day but I will do it at least 3 times a week. More if my body wants it and I sense it will.

So if this speaks to you, here is the video.