Cucumbers dipped in ketchup

My daughter wanted ketchup. I thought it was for her hamburger. But Nooooo…

It was for her cucumbers!

Eeek! How weird for me to feel such “objection” to this non-traditional act!

But what’s ketchup? Tomatoes. I eat tomatoes with cucumbers sometimes.

Some vinegar and spices. But I sometimes make cucumber salad with vinegar, spices, and tomatoes.

Curious my reaction. I think I ran into a “you not supposed to…”. Same way I feel about ketchup on scrambled eggs – even though tomatoes are fine in omelets.

Freedom is wyrd.

(Image by midjourney)


All those (seemingly) infinite ways we bump into ourselves every day…ouch! Who put that there?!


Ouch! Who put that there! I stubbed my brain!