Deficiency… Excess.

When I refer to The Sweet Spot energetically and emotionally, this image gives a visual of some spectrums where we tune ourselves (or get tuned) as humans.

I look at Courage here and see how, if I am too repulsed by the foolhardy, I can end up landing towards cowardice (a flavor of fear and freeze).

Respect – there’s that excessive sense of being put on a pedestal (or the fawn response by the primitive brain). Or… being dismissed, disregarded, as if what matters to us individually matters not.

Which of these stands out for you as one you “work” to keep in your own sweet spot?


I like this chart a lot. I would change a couple of the descriptive words (for me, Disregard would become Contempt and Licentiousness works better as Addiction) but that’s me—the idea is great and seeing it depicted is very useful. I see these things in my life and what I observe in others all the time. I am reminded that the Buddha espoused the “middle way” and this is a great visual iteration of that concept.
Thanks for sharing it!

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I like your changes! Those work better for me, too.

With Jem getting her Doctorate last week from Daoist Traditions, I find myself reading a book on The Dao of Bitcoin and remembering the connections between the middle way and balance and thriving/abundance. It’s quite lovely to feel into those spectrums and explore the Continuum…