Connection Is Stronger Than Control

I find this course very intriguing because if it works with lions, tigers and bears OH MY!! and horses and dogs…then it must be applicable for other mammals like, say, humans…including our relationship with ourselves which is a human to human relationship as well of course. I think there’s very likely lots of nuggets of wisdom (and behavioural change) in here. It certainly seems to align with much of our discussion and tapping we do here…especially around Concepts for Thriving. Intriguing!!

It is time that we woke up to recognize thinking and feeling levels…it isn’t something we were taught at school yet it’s the one key ingredient to living a fulfilled life…

Either consciously or subconsciously you will be sharing these feelings. It will more than likely be expressed by you as one or as a combination of these emotions. Frustration, anger, worry, guilt, embarrassment, helplessness, despair, anxiety and the list goes on.
This creates a gap between how you truly feel about your animal, the love you have for them and the way you are reacting to them. It is this separation that causes the most pain in the relationship!

The key to making fast and long-lasting positive change is to help them let go of fear and build trust and confidence in you and his or her surroundings.

Absolutely that’s true. I’m guessing what this gentleman teaches is the ‘how to’ of all that. Beginning with becoming aware of what we’re projecting to others…all ‘others’…(something a lot of folks aren’t aware of)…and learning a methodology of how to move out of the ‘thinking mind’ and into the ‘feeling mind’ (when appropriate). And that’s what interests me is that he is teaching a methodology for people to explore and enact what you have described. And what ultimately interests me personally is applying this methodology to connection with human mammals. As he says ‘connection is stronger than control’ and I think many people spend a lot of effort attempting to control other’s behaviours in order to feel some experience of certainty within themselves. I’m interested to see what he’s come up with. Undoubtedly there would be aspects that are already very familiar to me but I sense that he may have some things that are new and potent that I hadn’t considered or been exposed to.

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Here’s a nice example of this involving human mammals…this just melts me. Look at their faces…it communicates their state of mind so clearly…that’s profound connection. I found this on Facebook.

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