Conguence and Clean Energy - Arcadia Power


We rent. We like being solid stewards of someone else’s real estate investment right now. And it’s a sweet home for sure. Thank you Bob & Kathryn!

There’s just the thing about… energy. I like clean. I value a less polluted environment (both physical AND emotional worlds!) As a renter, I didn’t use to have much choice. I just had an ASKING.

The came Arcadia Power. I could sign up for 50% of my electric being provided by wind/solar. It wouldn’t cost me any extra. I’ve been doing that for a couple of years now. Asheville’s coal power plant was decommissioned recently, which certainly helps the environment and air here! And, it was replaced by a combined cycle natural gas plant. So if I wanted 100% clean… something still had to change.

Now, Arcadia has just now changed from the much more expensive premium to go from 50% to 100% clean energy (which I honestly couldn’t afford) to… a flat $5/month. As of now, 100% of the energy powering our home and technology comes from wind and solar - this December 2020 – from the location in Texas shown above. How warm and wonderful is that!

Perhaps Arcadia doesn’t serve your area, and perhaps $5 extra a month isn’t a yes for you. I just know that people who consider themselves Emotional World Environmentalists also tend to want to having “cleaner energy” all around. So, I wanted to pass along this option. If Arcadia doesn’t serve your area, perhaps there are other options… or will be!