Concepts for Thriving - Community Project

What is a Concept?

A concept is a fundamental building block of beliefs and thoughts. The concepts we embrace influence how we see ourselves, our relationships, and what it means to be Thriving (or not).

Benefit of Concepts

We believe these concepts help us to share wisdom and perspective as student-teachers who want to help each and every person have Emotional Freedom and live a Thriving Life… Now.

Grasping and then putting these concepts into practice is a Real Skill that builds emotional savvy and resilience.

Examples of Concepts

  1. Right Distance Right Depth
  2. Heartistry
  3. Emotional Freedom
  4. Word Portal
  5. Simple Uplift

Additional Resources for Concepts

@Glenn and I are interested in co-creating with the community a resource for the concepts (which Glenn poetically calls Word Portals) that we in the Thriving Now Community share with one another in messages here and group sessions and courses.

I believe that this effort is one that is also a wonderful open invitation for any of us to share our wisdom:

  • Our questions about the concept.
  • Our experiences and example scenarios that help us grasp the concept.
  • Our vantage point on the challenges that embracing a concept can have in our world.

My idea is that this would be a form of Wiki, a community project with certain people who want to help craft and edit the key entry (top message in a topic) and then any other community member can add resources, comments, questions, links to videos or audios, books, etc., in replies.

How does this feel to you? Are you personally interested in being a core Conceptualizer and/or contributing to in another way (and let us know). Thanks!


@Glenn – For me one of the first explorations is in the “template” – so when we start a new concept topic here in the center, we have a format and the like that reminds us of the different sections with the What is…? being required and the rest optional.

Here’s an idea to prime the pump:

What is…?

Benefits of

Examples of

Useful Questions

Resources for

How about we refine the list and then collaborate on 1-2 and go from there? I’d like Right Distance Right Depth to be one of the first.



Me too!! I like your suggestions and the template you’ve suggested…all great first steps!! This is going to be awesome!