Co-Creative Participation Invited!


I want to invite YOU to consider this community and this place as a potential outlet for your co-creativity. It is for mine… and it was designed to offer a place at least for you to explore Thriving Together and Connection around ideas that matter to the emotional world.

Yes, I really do know that any new technology or place requires acclimation. The way we write posts here is different from Facebook. I’m here to help make that easier if you ask (either in reply here or by email to

I believe more of us need a “container” – an outlet – that feels connected and where attention is given and shared amongst members. One of my “problems” with Facebook is that it uses its algorithm to maximize the amount of attention you give to what it knows is triggering / activating to you. It doesn’t attune you to thriving, to possibilities, to celebration.

I’d really like this to be a place where those happen. Where you choose where and to whom to pay attention and the community and the technology increasingly make that “easy-ish.”

Love ~ @Rick

If you’re looking for a book to read, this one by Susan Campbell really is filled with The Good Stuff:

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