Chronic Stress and the Gut

A long time ago, I went to the “top physician” for colitis in the U.S. who proceeded to tell me that my ulcerative colitis cause was a mystery but it didn’t really have anything to do with my emotions or trauma or the 24 cans of Coke I was drinking a day to try and keep weight on.

Yeah. I’m glad things are changing at least in certain corners of the world.

My gut is still sensitive to emotional stress. It’s why tapping has been a life enhancer for me. I do NOT have colitis anymore and haven’t for many years – even though the same doctor said it was incurable.

I know health is complex, but it is also Whole Person! Our past traumas matter, as does what we eat and the biochemistry kicked up by our states of being – especially chronic ones. There’s a saying, “Worry yourself to death.” I was. We forget ancient wisdom until it bites us sometimes.

  1. Stress can worsen inflammation in the gut, which affects people with bowel diseases. Managing stress might improve the effectiveness of treatments for these conditions.
  2. Stressful events often lead to flare-ups in bowel diseases. Research shows that stress triggers the brain to send signals that ultimately cause inflammation in the gut.
  3. Chronic stress changes the way the body responds to certain compounds, leading to more inflammation. This discovery has potential implications for treatment strategies.
  4. The research suggests that managing stress could enhance the effectiveness of existing drugs for inflammatory bowel disease. The study might also have implications for other inflammatory diseases.

This research provides valuable insights into how stress and gut health are connected. If these points resonate with your health concerns, you might want to delve into the full article for more detailed information.


Before I found you ,Rick and Thriving Now I had severe spastic colon episodes that would have me doubled over in pain. It almost ruled my life. I had tried many other things like Biofeedback, Talk therapy, Primal Scream, hypnosis to name a few. I just don’t get the severe ones anymore since tapping. I, too, am sensitive in my gut and when I read or hear something that disregulates me my gut tightens. But it doesn’t make me want to get into a fetal position anymore. I tap on the feelings and thank my gut for looking out for me and holding my emotions for me. I used to be so mad at it most of the time. I am so very thankful.