Choose Your Angel message

Here are three cards face down. If you want to ask your angels a question you can and choose one card to see what the message is. Or if you don’t know what to ask just ask for a message and choose one card left, middle or right. You can choose two or three if you want. Whatever feels right to you.

Do you know that your angels love you no matter what? We all have a Guardian Angel and probably we have more than one. They come with you when you are born and stay with you until you pass on. We can call in helper angels too. There is a book called Hiring the Angels by Jean Slatter. She says there are a lot of unemployed angels who want to help. There are many other good angel books that I will mention when I post angel cards.
So are you ready to see the card you picked?

My card was the one on the left, the first one: Love & Accept Yourself.
My message is “You are doing so well on changing your old thoughts and habits that the angels are now encouraging you to take the next steps along your pathway, which are to approve of yourself and then love who you truly are. Take a moment to look back on your achievements and then wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself some well-deserved love.”

If you picked the middle card Live Your Joy your message is: “Your Guardian Angel is encouraging you to follow your heart at this time. Do what what makes your heart sing, do what makes you smile, do what makes you dance and rejoice. Living your joy is so important. It is truly your only purpose here. If you are wondering what you’re supposed to do with your life, this card is showing you that you are to choose the pathway that is filled with joy and happiness. That’s all. It is the key to inner peace.”

If you choose the Leap of Faith card your message is: "The angels are encouraging you to make the change you’ve been pondering for a while. This change is absolutely guided and even though you’re not entirely sure what’s going to happen next, if you take the leap with faith and trust in your heart, you’ll be guided safely to the next step along your path. Your angels want you to visualize that you have wings on your back so that you can fly high like them. Now is the time.

  • These cards are Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

Leap of Faith. How… purrfectly lovely… and with wings!

Thank you.


Mine was the middle one. Thank you, Jean!


Mine was love and accept myself too! Perfect timing! Thanks, @Angelsloveyou !

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I chose Leap of Faith! It’s so reassuring to know that the change I have been pondering is guided! :innocent::heart: