Choose Your Angel Card and Get Your Message

Here are three angel cards face down. I invite you to ask your angels a question and choose a card. Or if you don’t know what to ask just ask for an angel message. You can pick more than one card if you want and make it like a 3 card reading.

After choosing your card or cards here is your angel message. Or your 3 card reading.

If you chose the left card, Nine of Thought your message is not to be so hard on yourself. They say there is no need to worry! Your focus on your fears and feelings of uncertainty is misleading you into expecting the worst. It’s time to change your thoughts into more positive and uplifting. (Since we’re all into tapping we can tap on our fears and worry so we can begin to let them go). I like to imagine giving these to our angels and visualizing them taking our worries and fears away to be transformed into positive and creative energy that we can use for ourselves. I like to say “Thank you Angels, Thank you Guides.”

If you chose the middle card number 4, Organization, your message is that organization and logic can be very helpful right now. You don’t have to do it all at once - baby steps, but maybe if it feels like too much you might think about delegating some of your work or chores to someone you trust. Don’t hesitate to consult a mentor or get advice from a skilled leader. (That’s why we’re here isn’t it!) Maybe it’s time for change, for you to take charge! Or you could be laying a solid foundation for a new project.

If you chose the card on the right, Messenger of Thought your message is all about being excited about a new topic or intellectual project. Information pours in from television, the internet, and social-networking sites, making it difficult to take it all in. As you gather all this new knowledge make sure to be organized. The data may be filling up your mind, but if you forget to speak from your heart remember the way your message is communicated matters. You may receive information that creates the need to make changes to your plans. Review documents carefully, listen to all points of view too.

The cards are Guardian Angel Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine.

Until next time remember YOUR ANGELS LOVE YOU :heart:


I chose the 9 of Thought which was the BEST message I could receive! Thank you, Jean and my Angels!

Thank you Norene for reading and posting. I forgot to say that the Nine of thought was my card too and the message was just what I needed, I love to combine tapping with angel messages. They go so well together. :heart: you.

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No need to worry… ahhhh… Calm and Confident time to embody…

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