Calm Between the Waves


Sometimes take a little paddling…


‘Calm’ is always relative…calm compared to what? Is the calm between the waves of the same quality as the calm of being on the beach watching the waves?

I’m going through that little thought process above for my own good as I realize I have some idealized notion of ‘calm’ and it’s probably not a realistic or reasonable idea to make ‘calm’ a monolithic thing as if there is only one kind of calm when it’s much more reasonable to consider calm as an active process…it’s not a ‘steady state’…it’s always 'calm compared to what?’ Calm I think is related to the process of releasing…letting go…and there’s always deeper levels of releasing and letting go.


That’s a good question@Glenn. Life has many experiences and ups and downs. So I sense there are many different ways to be calm. Also it depends on what activates someone’s Primitive Brain. We are all so different in our personalities and that one person’s calm could be totally different than someone else’s.


‘Neuro-diverse’ compared to what? Or who? It seems to me we are all (to varying degrees) unique in our neurological wiring.

Some people seek ‘calm’ by washing their hands 45 times a day…some people only find ‘calm’ on a motorcycle going 100 mph…some people by watching TV 12 hours a day…etc.

The thing that connects them all is the need for the experience of ‘calm’…how that experience is achieved is neurologically quite diverse across the spectrum of humanity. What connects us all is our basic human (mammalian) needs. When I view humanity through the lens of ‘needs’ then people’s weird and strange behaviours can make sense to me…all our behaviours (internal and external) are in service to attempting to get our basic needs met. I believe that’s the most fundamental connection we share as a species.

We all share the same basic needs…how we each as individuals attempt to get those needs met is where the diversity lays.