Best way to complain

I used to be Mr. Complainer Head. Combine the worrier I’d become (my “inheritance” so to speak) with my engineer’s aptitude… I could see everything that needed to be improved!

(…and I do mean everything…)

What doesn’t benefit from Better? There are a few things that I’ve learned mean more just as they are than what happens to them if we focus on making them better… like a kiss.

Still, so many systems, processes, approaches, and concepts are always seemingly in need of betterment.

Why complain then?

With so much that matters ripe for betterment, I’m betting each of us can contribute something to its improvement. Right?

For me that does sometimes mean “getting away” – this community center is not on Facebook. I could complain about Facebook (and I have). Following Seth’s assertion, it feels more nourishing and a lot more like Thriving for me to invest with you in co-creating a Better place for engagement for our community.