Being Alive on Earth and Physical

I saw this on Facebook this morning and almost didn’t read it because it was so lengthy but something stopped me. It brought up a lot of thoughts and appreciation for being alive. Yes I have griped and grouched and even sometimes when I’ve experienced scary anxiety I sometimes wished I wasn’t here experiencing it. Now I want to try and be more mindful and appreciative. :heart:

"Did you know how rare it is to be physical and experience a solid world? You REALLY wanted to be physical and live in a physical world. It’s actually a rare experience! We live in a magical world and how fortunate we are to experience it as a physical world!!! There are so many otherworldly things about this world and we get to experience it as a physical world to boot! What luck!!

Just behold the amazing things about this world and stop trying to be somewhere else. Your REALLY wanted to be here, believe it or not, so be here fully and stop trying to be somewhere else. Life is short, actually, so really enjoy it and drink it up. This is a beautiful life if you let it be. This is an exquisite experience to be solid, physical and in a place where things move like this.

Enjoy being a human! It’s such FUN for the soul! Imagine that you just got here and you are really enjoying being a human today and not resenting the experience!

Stop being in your head so much and thinking you’re broken and all that crazy stuff. Stop torturing yourself and be here in the moment and enjoy your life.

All that stuff that happened to you in the past, those were dreams that came and went, they were just experience that appeared and disappeared, they don’t have to define who you are now. Just let it go, take a breath, and come into the present and stop missing all the beautiful moments that are here all around you now!

Enjoy having weight and gravity. Really experience having the sense of touch. Feel everything, heat, cold, the hair on your arms, your head, sense the air, the energy signature and nearness of another person, animal or object, the wind. Experience your sight and how cool that is! Watch the wind dance in the trees and experience colors in a deeper way. How many different shades there are? See how light bounces off things, or how things absorb light, how shadows are cast.

Truly experience your hearing. Check out every sound you can hear in any given moment, make a list of all the sounds near and far. Taste things more consciously, enjoy them! Chew slowly and really experience food more consciously. Give it your full attention. Taste something you haven’t ever tasted before today. Notice the textures of things. Pass your hand over it, your tongue, your arm. Smell something deeply, see how it makes you feel. Twirl a flower in your hands and carry it with you for the day, then put it in water when you get home, give it water a few times a day so it can stay with you for a while, notice how it enjoys it. See how it speaks to you and interacts with you. Notice how the other plants and animals interact with you if you give them your attention. They will, you know! if you give them your attention they will give you theirs.

Notice what a really cool thing it is to be physical! Enjoy being in your body! Be present! It’s actually a cool experience! This is TRIPPING for your sou! Enjoy the nature of things being solid! This is actually a rare experience for a spirit to enjoy!
Notice how the reality will interact with you if you are fully present and paying attention to it consciously. It is aware of you, especially when you are aware of it!

Pick a day to walk through reality hyper aware of everything, do it by yourself, or be with a hyper aware friend who can do this with you. It’s going to be a special magical day! Do it in an ordinary state one day. Then try it with just a light dusting of medicine (not full on altered or you will be overwhelmed) and see what happens then! It’s a great exercise! Only do this in safe spaces!

And chocolate, well… this isn’t just any old experience a soul can have! You can’t have chocolate in every dimension, did you know that? Some people some to incarnate just for the chocolate! <3"

Love Christine Breese

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