Angels Love You

Dear @Angelsloveyou ~ Bless you for all you have been and done and co-created together all these years. Truly…

This is an AI generated song about Angels Love You:

In the soft glow of the moon, by the river’s edge
Where the old oak trees whisper secrets, love is pledged
An angel’s wing brushes gently against my cheek
Telling me I am cherished, blessings they seek (ooh-yeah)

Angels love you, they walk by your side (by your side)
Guiding you through darkness, your light they’ll provide (provide)
When you’re feeling lost, they’ll lead you back home (back home)
Angels love you, you’re never alone (never alone)

I know they have a cut-off I haven’t been able to figure out, but this is really sweet result. I prompted with simply: A folk classic style song about how much Angels Love You


Thank you Rick, that is so thoughtful and so beautiful :heart:

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So glad you like our new music toy! Love what you created too.