Adaptation, Tradition, Sustainability, Society, Individuals & Honorable Systems

I tried to cram some of the main thoughts of this video into the title…maybe I could have been more succinct.

Gall dang it I love this DarkHorse podcast. Heather and Brett, both highly respected PhD Evolutionary Biologists, always have some deep wisdom in what they speak of and in how they speak it. For me it’s a sort of masterclass on a number of fronts such as Heartistry, Clarity, Thriving and many more concepts that Rick engages us in with equal elegance and passion as is demonstrated by this couple in the video. I sincerely hope that people have a listen to these folks. The Calm/Confident ‘middle road’ they travel in the midst of all the current highly polarized primitive brain reactionary mainstream narrative we are all subjected to is such a welcome breath of fresh air for me. It’s a voice of sanity calling out from a kind of insanity that has gripped our attention. I hope I haven’t engaged in too much hyperbole but I mean every word I wrote. Please, enjoy this.

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