Accumulating Wisdom

A tribe of 100 people gained 100 years of life experience every year.

A city of 10,000 gained the same in 3 days.

Today, our species lives 15,000 years every minute and almost a million years every hour.

Tiny improvements in how we communicate can pay massive wisdom dividends.

I feel the wisdom-share aspect even in our small circle. We bring to it the experiences and connections that go out into the world… then bring them back to share (some) with each other… which influences even more beings.

I do believe, for example, that Augmented Imagination and Augmented Exploration (my term) using technology can help us share in ways never before imagined. For example, translation. We share human bodies but not all the same languages. There are tools that are making it possible for us to have nuanced conversations even with people who have never heard nor understand our “native tongue.” AI’s also are able to consume languages and apply concepts and SHARE concepts across more and more humans everywhere.

What might this do for physical health and emotional well-being?