About the Thriving Together category

Welcome! Together is Better… and we engage here to generously support our Thriving and Emotional Freedom for All.

  • If it is about a thriving life, emotional freedom, relief of all kinds, healthy relating, vitality, trauma healing, and more… it’s welcome here.

  • Kindness, generosity, respect, and owning your own emotional reactions (while developing your own resiliency and courage) are core invitations.

  • Topics and replies here are publicly available for reading. We do this to allow for Search Serendipity - so kindred beings can more easily find this as a community home for them, too! Thank you for your generosity in sharing here.

  • If you need more privacy we invite you to become a circle member and use Circle Members Only category to post or use Anonymous mode once you are established as a regular visitor. If you are already a circle member, request access to the Circle Member Group here.

  • The Community We-Space can be used to share fun, stories, books, resources, and more. Consider it a place to help build connections.

Questions can be asked and help can be found in Site Support or emailed to support@thrivingnow.center.

So glad to have you with us!

@Rick and Your Support Team

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