Primitive Brain

“Our post-traumatic responses are not our character. They are survival instincts. This is the double-whammy of trauma: we get hurt, and then blame ourselves for saying ‘ouch’.”

I found this on Facebook this morning. I thought it was a pretty good expression of the ‘Primitive Brain’. I notice that I have a very negative reaction to the last line "in an eternally abandoning world." Of course I don’t know specifically what the author means by that but my sense is that the more we understand our Primitive Brain and can work in conscious collaboration with it and point ourselves more in the direction of thriving and become less driven by the reactions of our PB then our perception of abandonment will diminish. When I cast my gaze beyond the notion that the only meaningful existence I have is within ‘the world of humans’ and I view myself in the larger context of having kinship with all creation…both animate and inanimate…that I am a living expression of the universe in it’s entirety … then it’s hard to arrive at the conclusion or the feeling that I can ever be abandoned.


I saw this meme a few years ago and reworked it to suit my needs a bit more…it feels a bit tongue in cheek to me and is meant to be humourous but like most humour there is a truth at it’s core.

Perspective is everything… :slight_smile:


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